You don t have to be slim and tall all the time, here are 13 kinds of professional models that you don t know
26 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Success 715
You don t have to be slim and tall all the time, here are 13 kinds of professional models that you don t know Who doesn't know Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, the top supermodels whose names still resonate in the fashion world? Or Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner who are hot in the international modeling world. The twists and turns of their careers are so interesting, the luxurious appearance that is stunning and the almost perfect physical make many people want to pursue the same profession. Unfortunately, the model profession is still considered a difficult career because it requires a perfect appearance, starting from the tip of the hair to the toe.

In fact, not all models need perfection that most people imagine. Indeed, most models are required to have above-average standards, but that does not mean you have to be just as tall and slender and have a super beautiful face so you can become a model. Because, there are many different types of profession choices that you can pursue if you are really interested in this field. What modeling fields can you choose if you are interested in becoming a model?

1. Fashion editorial models can be one of the most popular types of models and have the most opportunities to be widely known. Because they usually appear on the pages of fashion, even the covers of famous magazines

Editorial models generally have a height of between 170 and 180 cm and are usually very thin.

2. Runways or catwalk models also have more or less criteria similar to editorial models, have a minimum height of 170 cm and of course with the ability to walk on a capable catwalk

3. The commercial model or advertising model covers a wider range. A model for commercial purposes can come from any age range, whatever the height and regardless of the weight, according to the image of the product being sold and having a photogenic face

4. Plus size models are now one type of model that is starting to be sought in various fashion industries. Usually the minimum size is a model with a size of 12, which may be considered normal but too full for the standard runway model in general

5. Petite models or models with tiny bodies usually have a body size below the standard model in general, which is below 170 cm. Rarely used for fashion shows, petite models can have a career in fashion photography

6. Child models are also very much needed in the fashion industry. Preferably children with attractive and photogenic face characters. In addition, children who are easily mixed and easily directed at the shooting location are also more popular

Do you know if a number of top celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Jodie Foster, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Portman and even Anderson Cooper for CNN also initially departed from modeling for children?

7. Lingerie or swimsuit models can also be an option for those of you who have an ideal and slender body. Who knows, it could be one of the angels for runway show lingerie hits, Victoria's Secret which has skyrocketed the name of the top model in the fashion scene?

Of course to be a swimsuit and lingerie model you have to have a slim body but it contains in the places needed.

8. Glamor models usually have bodies that are more volume and curvy than runway show or editorial models that tend to be very thin. Glamor models are often contracted to shoot with s*xy and seductive poses

9. Fitness models are usually models with athletic bodies and are very fit, even showing a little muscle. Athletes with attractive faces and adequate height can also be a fitness model for various sportwear brands.

10. Fit models can be one way to start your career in the fashion world. Different from an athletic fitness model, this type of model is usually contracted to be a 'mannequin' of various fashion houses as a model when fashion fittings

For this, you just need healthy skin and an ideal body, according to what a professional fashion house needs. Hair and face are not the main thing here.

11. Model parts can be a job opportunity for those of you who have interesting body parts, for example smooth and supple hands or beautiful and lanky legs

Those who happen to be blessed with super beautiful lips, beautiful buttocks or healthy and attractive nails can wrestle with this model. The pay is quite expensive, if you are serious about it and included in the ranks of the top model parts because many industries need specific models for their products. Usually petite models are more popular because they have smaller foot or hand sizes.

12. Promotional models are a type of model contracted to promote a product at a launching event, for example the launch of a luxury sports car. For this, the ability to 'sell' and communicate is very much needed

13. Mature models are usually needed for commercial purposes or certain product campaigns. The age range is quite varied, it can start from the final 30 years to even 90 years!

Well, what type of model are you looking for? To be sure, there are many choices that you can choose, the important thing is that you meet the criteria of the model that you desire and are ready to work hard to achieve your success. You could even become a model that is able to break the grips that have been there. Who knows, right?

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