You Can Try 1 Anti Mainstream Prewedding Spots in Jogja. Unique and Unusual
23 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 384
You Can Try 1 Anti Mainstream Prewedding Spots in Jogja. Unique and Unusual Jogja does have many contemporary tourist destinations. Not only contemporary, tourist attractions in Jogja are also easily accessible and the entrance ticket is cheap. So it's no wonder that there are many people who are easily confused with the word Jogja. Yes, besides the choice of a lot of hangout places, Jogja-style atmosphere is indeed sad. Especially those who have a love story, or former in Jogja. This is heavy. Hehehe.

There are a lot of tourist destinations in Jogja that are commonly used for prewedding photos. Call it Taman Sari, Kraton, Prambanan Temple, and also Gumuk Pasir. Well, this time Hipwee Travel will give a reference to 10 anti-mainstream prewedding photo spots in Jogja. There are already photos there, but not many people know. Let's take a look.

Soragan Castle is a unique restaurant with classic nuances like a fortress in Europe. Prewedding here is not so rich in Jogja!

In Sleman there is a replica of Stonehenge which is originally in England. It's really epic if you can prewedding here. World class but the price is cheap ...

The Paris house in Bantul is an inn and a shooting location that is quite interesting. Prewedding here is quite okay because the decoration and colorful of the house make it harmonious But prewedding when Mount Merapi erupts is just incredible. Anti mainstream is really this couple

Jomblang Cave is not a mainstream tourist place, which everyone can get there easily. You need to use rope and cave bracking equipment to enter this vertical cave. Prewedding here is really crazy

Talking about Jogja, it's not bad if you don't talk about the beach. Prewedding location is quite okay, one of them is Sadranan Beach in Gunungkidul. The sand is white and the scenery is beautiful Now, this bridge is often used for prewedding photos. Excitement too ...

Less afdhol if this list does not include a horror old house. Yep, there are also prewedding photos in this old house in Kaliurang. You dare?

For those who are crazy about the ball, prewedding photos at Maguwoharjo Stadium can be tried. Let me feel the feel of the football

Prewedding on Malioboro may be normal. Then what about prewedding at the Trans Jogja Malioboro stop? It's a bit weird but can also be tried. Hehehe.

Which of these 10 locations do you want to try? If it's still single, don't need to think about prewedding photos first. Just look for a partner first. Hehehe.

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