You Can Call Your Boy Prospective Husband Candidate. If You Can Overcome These 6 Things with Patience
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You Can Call Your Boy Prospective Husband Candidate. If You Can Overcome These 6 Things with Patience Handsome guy is relative. But basically a guy will look charming when he makes his partner happy and live his figure as a good companion. The dream level of each person is different, depending on taste and how your heart rustles when you are with him. However, the kindness and sacrifice of a boy can also be a foundation for why we choose it.

After chemistry you can and he is indeed a good and responsible male figure, good looks can indeed be a number if it's comfortable. Your dream criteria that accumulate are no longer you need when you are with him, people who want to try to make you happy in an adult way. Guys who patiently do these 6 things also deserve to be called dreams.

1. He was able to overcome his own problems, and never dragged the problem in your relationship

Girls and guys have differences in dealing with problems. Maybe you as a girl want to always be listened to when hit by problems, but not with guys. Guys prefer to pause to calm their minds and find solutions to the problem. Instead of dragging the problem into your relationship and making his mood worse, he chose to say well when his condition was much more stable.

"If the problem alone cannot be solved alone, how will he protect you later?" That was what he had in mind when he was hit by a problem, which certainly wasn't because he didn't need your help. While he can, he will solve his own problem. Because he also knows that he is capable.

2. His patience with you who is angry isn't clear, doesn't make him angry with you

* Pms *

Boy: Yes, God, you are a long time ago, who is ready?

Girl: Oh you don't like to wait for me? I don't have to go all right,

Guys: uh, it's not like that, yeah wrong, why do I come in late.

The existence of several physical, psychological and emotional symptoms during PMS often often makes girls easily angry even in trivial matters. This actually tests the level of patience of your guy in the face of you who are PMS and often angry is unclear.

He also knew he had to maintain his attitude so as not to make you more angry, and even get ready to always be wrong when PMS symptoms began to appear. Not angry back, but instead he tried to understand you and be more patient when you suddenly grumble at things that are spele. He understands that you will return to normal again in the next few days.

3. Instead of thinking that is not the case, he always controls his concern for you so that you don't become a possessive partner and make you uncomfortable

He just wants to love you in an adult and without restraint. Worry when you haven't given the news all day does not quickly make him tired and angry. For him, there are things that must be considered before immediately getting angry at you.

Maybe you are busy, and he believes that you will not do anything when you are gone without news all day. He also always has his own way to make you understand when being struck by jealousy without making you feel uncomfortable, because being possessive and overly restraining you is definitely not the goal.

4. Patiently reduce his ego for a moment when there is a problem that you both face

Concerning his own desires and being selfish without thinking about your feelings is clearly not in his dictionary. When a fight occurs between you, he will immediately ask you to talk about what is the problem in the relationship. He listens to you earnestly, because he always wants to know what you feel.

After you say everything you feel, then turn to speak straighten things that are wrong without high notes and invective sentences, after that involve you to find a solution so that not only a one-sided solution. You can also calm down quietly because as long as with him, any quarrel can always be solved carefully.

5. Especially when he can patiently and without protest waiting for you to dress up, that's one form of support you know

Most girls can take tens of minutes or even hours to decorate themselves in front of the glass, it is done clearly not without reason but because it wants to please the guy who will go with him. If the girl is neat and beautiful it will be nice to see, isn't it?

Likewise, you who love grooming for a long time to look beautiful in front of your guy, it is often that most men are horrified when they hear a sentence entar wait a minute, I dress up first . But if your guy is not one of them and patiently waiting for you to dress up dozens of minutes without complaining, he deserves to be a dream figure because that is a form of support from him so you look beautiful.

6. Overcoming the blessings of parents who are still obstacles, the spirit of fighting for you is still being done

The blessing of the parents who are still being looked at is not the obstacle to keep fighting for you, it doesn't just go away when he knows that your parents still doubt your guy to be your life companion. It is precisely this that motivates him to work harder and learn to be responsible for being able to look appropriate in your parents' eyes. Instead of being afraid to visit home, instead he bravely and stubbornly presents a better self to be able to continue with you.

You can judge for yourself how mature your guy is when he can patiently overcome the things above, the ideal guy is not just handsome but also how he can fit in the heart and make you feel at home.

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