Without You Realizing it, 5 Cultures At Work Are Very Influential On Your Daily Life
01 Oktober 2018 Telkom Indonesia Success 251
Without You Realizing it, 5 Cultures At Work Are Very Influential On Your Daily Life Every workplace has its own culture. There is a time discipline that if you are late will cut your salary, there are also flexible people who want to go to the office at what time provided the work is done all. Well, maybe you don't realize that even though there is the term "what happens in the office let it be in the office", the habits in this office affect your daily life.

Those of you who are threatened with cutting your salary for a second, are sure to get used to getting up in the morning to get to the office on time. Even though you want to wake up during the weekend, you still can't, because you are already awake at the same time every day. That's just one example. Some of these are other examples. Psst ... at number 4 there will be interesting info for you who are looking for a fun and rewarding workplace. Come on, read and check yourself. Hehe

1. Jobdesc overlaps can spend all your time. Don't find your soul mate to meet

This overlapping jobdesc is quite annoying. You have to do things that are outside the initial obligation. Especially if coupled with your poor time management. In the end, you go home at night just for overtime. This trivial thing turned out to be an influence on love life and even a mission to find your soul mate. How can you find a chat if you go home when someone is asleep? How can you meet new people for the weekend, you have too much noise and choose to join yourself with the mattress all day?

2. Revision until you forget when you get up from your desk. The feeling of being lazy, and trying to remember when you last played?

The word "revision" may often be a moodbreaker everyday. Continuous revisions and must be completed on the same day keep you busy in front of a laptop all day. Coffee and snacks are not far from reach, music in the ears, you are ready to conquer revision after revision. Experience this often? Be careful with your health, huh. Too long sitting in front of a laptop, can develop a sense of laziness for other physical activities. In the end, you become more comfortable with minimal physical movement and forget the importance of exercise.

3. An anti-criticism boss who is annoying is torturous. But from there you become good at installing poker face right?

Have a boss who doesn't want to hear the input and arbitrarily does not feel at work. Followed continued to be inner pressure, want to go back angry also afraid of being fired. Duh, it's hard. Well, but from this type of boss you can run to regulate facial expressions when scolded. Eventually you become a champion in poker face. An annoying boss will train you to control your emotions, an ability that is important for dealing with a world filled with these shy people.

4. Culture in your office is fun and competitive? This is a big advantage because it can forge your mentality to never give up chasing after a beat.

You are among the lucky people if you have a fun and competitive workplace. A fun work environment will make your imagination grow, and its competitive nuance will encourage you to continue to improve. This also turns out to have a lot of influence in your daily life. Being accustomed to being in a competitive environment, will encourage you to be the most formidable love warrior. The response to any breakdown or the number of failed love stories will not dampen your struggle. Have you felt this influence?

If so, you will definitely be very fit to work in a place that is fun, dynamic, and provides ample space for your creativity like in Telkom. There is a culture hero competition that has been held for the fourth time this year. This competition aims to give awards to the best in each category, namely: most admire culture activation, culture heroes, cultur agent, and culture booster. Not only that, Telkom is also known as The Telkom Way or TTW which is very useful. That is the work culture in Telkom which carries 3 important points, namely: Solid, Speed, Smart. With these three spirits, Telkom refers to the strongest foundation, "Always the best".

No wonder Telkom is known as a place for creative and dynamic people, and likes challenges. Because to be the best, you must always develop yourself right? There are not only many trainings that you will get, at Telkom, you can also get scholarships to continue with the academic level, certification of special skills to support the work, to the opportunity to study at foreign foreign companies in the Global Talent Program.

And the most exciting thing, Telkom is very supportive of digital culture which aims to facilitate Great People like you. There, you can access everything online. From online attendance lists, online pay slips, online leave, work manuals, to digital learning to career planning. Really suitable for millennial children who want to be practical and digital.

Well, the good news is that Telkom is opening a recruitment for talented young people. If you feel you are a young, creative, dynamic, fun, and challenging person, check the complete info and apply for vacancies here

5. Often following the office party? Congratulations! You just added your social skills here

In the office, during working hours, maybe you won't run out of chat material. Starting from the discussion about the ongoing project, the meeting about the results of the meeting, to talking about the boss. But outside working hours, chat can be wider. Lazy too still talking about work after a day of work? Therefore, often following the office party will be useful for you, even if only limited to coffee together in the cafe next to the office. At least in terms of training communication and looking for topics to chat with. Surely in the future it will be easier to find friends.

Now, do you know that what happens in the office affects your life everyday? So don't be underestimated. The easiest formula is to use the good ones, throw the bad ones. At Telkom, well balanced life is very concerned. Various arts, sports, spiritual communities can make you feel at home. And for those of you who crave a fun workplace, don't forget to apply at #TelkomIndonesia yaa

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