Without Hands and Feet, This Beauty Vlogger Is Able to Amaze Everyone with His Skill. See 7 Other Facts
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Without Hands and Feet, This Beauty Vlogger Is Able to Amaze Everyone with His Skill. See 7 Other Facts What happens if suddenly you can't use your hands and feet for everyday activities? Duh, it's definitely not able to imagine, because almost all of our activities are based on our members. Eat, walk, run, work until grooming all need two legs and complete hands. Is a Isabelle Weall, who even though she doesn't have a complete accomplice, she shows her skill in dressing up and is now a vlogger who hits really much on Youtube and Instagram.

Yes, he is an expert in installing and blending eyeshadow even though he doesn't have fingers to hold the brush

Maybe now you are wondering, how come? Well, what can't be, if there is a determination This time Hipwee wants to invite you to make some interesting make-up tutorials from the super inspirational figure of Isabelle Weall, full of positive vibes and maybe you can encourage you to continue doing what You like. Curious about what the beautiful figure Isabelle Weall is in uploading on Youtube and Instagram? Let's look at the review this time together!

1. Isabelle Weall is a British beauty vlogger who had to be amputated when she was 7 years old due to being convicted of meningitis See this post on Instagram

It was an honored to have been invited to make a special day

A shipment shared by Isabelle Weall (@ itz.izz) on May 19 2018 at 10:33 p.m.

As a result of an attack of meningitis, Isabelle Weall was forced to have her leg and hand amputated since she was 7 years old. But instead of giving up, do you just become passionate about pursuing his dream of being an inspiring success, one of whom is actively practicing and taking part in the trampoline race.

2. Not only on YouTube and Instagram, 15-year-old Isabelle Weall is also a trampolineist champion and even offered to be your special diffable car racer!

As reported by The Times UK, not only is the champion in the trampoline arena, Isabelle Weall also debuted as a beauty vlogger on Youtube since about a year ago. Doi is determined to be an inspiring teenager who gives encouragement and also make-up tutorials for disabled friends who feel confused and have trouble dressing up themselves.

3. This is one of Isabelle Weall's first grooming tutorials on Youtube. For those of you who like to get upset and feel like giving up when you dress yourself up, this might be a motivation!

4. Like teenagers in general, Doi also often shares interesting things like what make-up products he uses when traveling. Although the edits are still modest, the point is that I like to share with the audience

5. As a teenager, Isabelle had high enthusiasm and confidence. Turns out using eyeshadow without the help of fingers, the result can be this seoke!

6. Not only playing safe, but also experimenting in dressing up. One of them is like when she dressed up in a vampire style at this Halloween moment

7. Without a hand, Isabelle could also have fleek eyebrows. Awarded a sweet and beautiful face, he also doesn't sting for his skincare routine for his viewers on Youtube.

This condition reminds us that we should be grateful for whatever we have. Even under any circumstances, Isabelle Weall reminds us that sharing can be done in any way. Life is not just a matter of being able to do everything, but how do you overcome everything with what you have. Being a person who is considered 'lacking' by the community actually makes Isabelle Weall increasingly share and prove that she is able to do something useful and inspiring even though she is still young. Hayo, who is still struggling to be good at grooming (or good at other positive things), keep on going and be sure, you will definitely be the best you want!

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