Widow Village, Village with Tens of Widows in Bogor. Here s the Cause of Many Widows There
14 Oktober 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 228
Widow Village, Village with Tens of Widows in Bogor. Here s the Cause of Many Widows There What is in your mind when you hear the word widow? Widows are women who have no husband, either because of death or divorce. Actually there is no problem with the status of widows, but somehow in Indonesia the connotation seems negative. Even though it's actually just the same as your single status. Hehehe.

Talking about widows, it turns out there is a village whose women are mostly widows. Not only one place, there are several locations in Indonesia. But this time Hipwee will discuss the widow village in Bogor. It is said that the majority of women there are widows. Who knows you want to find a mate there? Hehehe.

Located in Cigombong, Bogor, this village is called the widow village because there are so many widows there

Panyarang Village in Ciburayut Village, Cigombong Subdistrict, Bogor Regency has long been a widow village by local residents. This was caused by the many women who became widows in the village. Located between Mount Salak and Gede Pangrango, this widow village is 18 km from the city of Bogor. In this village there are dozens of widowed women even though they are still young, teens to 20 are widowed. Really Wow!

Why are there a lot of women there widowed? There are various factors, one of them is because their husbands work mostly sand miners

As a rural area at the foot of the mountain, the work of men there is not far from mining sand, both from digging and filtering sand, to rock breakers. The lives of people who are on the poverty line force them to mine sand for the sake of rice. Even though the risk is not playing games, the life is at stake.

This is due to the frequent avalanche of land and sand and afflicting the miners. This incident is not only once or twice, and the victims can be 3-5 people in one landslide. Even a few years ago there was an avalanche that caused hundreds of miners to die. Because of this, there are also many women who eventually have to be widowed. Even though there are other factors such as divorce or left by her husband. For that reason, it is only natural that there are dozens of widows living in this widow's village.

In addition, the cause of many widows is early marriage, which often occurs there. Young marriages in their teens are vulnerable enough to divorce

"Here there is a 17-year-old who has become a widow twice, 12-14 is already married and widowed. "I already have grandchildren, even though I am still 30 years old," said Chairman of RT Ade Suryadi, as quoted from Tribunnews.

In this village, there were many young widows who were still in their teens. In fact, there have been 2 widows who were 17 years old. So widows at age, 16 or 20 years are not unfamiliar in this village. Marriage in adolescence certainly has a higher vulnerability than adult age, above 20 for example. Thoughts and emotions are still quite unstable, especially with unfavorable economic conditions, it will be more vulnerable to sparking quarrels and divorces. Young marriages there occur because of low education, because most of them only graduate from elementary school.

This widow village in Bogor actually has many problems in the community that need to be improved by the government, from the economy, employment, to education. If education is good, employment is safe and not dangerous and the economy is improving, the stories of widows at this young age will no longer be heard. Even the widow village will live in history.

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