While Busy Taking Care of the File for CPNS List, Peek into the State s Nominated Salary
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While Busy Taking Care of the File for CPNS List, Peek into the State s Nominated Salary In addition to horrendous viral news on social media, news about CPNS registration can be one of the news that is quite a hot topic among your family and friendship circles. Yep, after the government has officially announced the opening of CPNS registration in 2018 which reached 238,015 vacancies in the center and a number of regions in September, the topics around CPNS which were initially just rumors discussed behind began to be openly chat material.

Well, for those of you planning to register as CPNS this year, regarding salary figures would be one of the things that is curious. About this year's CPNS salary is in what number? Let me not be curious, let's look together for reviews about the calculation of CPNS salary this year and the next 2019!

Reported from the Qerja page, talking about the salary amount of civil servants is a little complicated because of nominal received will be adjusted to the rules that apply at the institution

For now, salaries received by civil servants have used the single salary system, namely the payroll system in which civil servants will only receive one income consisting of several salary components. Well, a salary component usually consists of basic salary along with various types of allowances for a position. For the amount of basic salary is usually determined through government regulations with a value that is adjusted to the period of service and class of civil servants. Well, this varied allowance is usually tantalizing because it can boost civil servants' salaries to be relatively larger.

For basic salaries, the nominal is regulated by the government with the lowest and highest reference, according to class and working period

Until now, the nominal value of civil servant salaries still refers to PP No. 30 of 2015. Through this regulation, it is stipulated that the value of the smallest base salary is IDR 1,486,500 for IA class with a work period of 0 years. While the highest base salary is Rp. 5,620,300 for class IVE with a service life of 32 years. FYI, for those of you who are S1 graduates, they will immediately enter class IIIA.

After you pass the test and are accepted as a CPNS, don't think you immediately enjoy a full salary huh. Usually for capeg it will only be given as much as 75% first

Well, later if you have been officially appointed as a civil servant then the basic salary will automatically go up. As for the amount of allowances, such as family allowances, job allowances, food allowances, and other benefits, the amount will vary for each civil servant because it is adjusted to the position owned by the civil servant. As an illustration, for functional allowances for PNS Echelon I based on PP 27 of 2007, each month will receive a structural allowance of Rp. 5,500,000.

Good news for you applying for CPNS this year because it is reported that in 2019, the government plans to increase civil servant salaries by 5%. Pretty good right?

As quoted from the pages of the Workers who launched from the detik.com page (08/16/2018), "Because we have not risen for so long. The point is that since 2014 or 2015 it hasn't gone up. Well, to maintain the purchasing power of civil servants, the plan will increase by 5%, "said the Director of the State Budget Directorate General of Budgeting, Kunta Wibawa Dasa Nugraha.

Next year, PNS plans to receive a salary increase of 5%. But the increase is usually also followed by the prices of goods on the market.

FYI, for civil servants salary adjustments are made if there are changes in rank and class every four years

This salary adjustment is usually done with adjustments that are often called periodic and class adjustments. With this adjustment, it is expected that it will be able to increase the purchasing power of civil servants next year. Yes, what is certain is that it is common knowledge that civil servants are considered more established and "certain" when it comes to salary, benefits, until retirement. It's no wonder that the devotees don't drop every year!

It is important to note that being a civil servant or not is entirely your choice. If you really have passion and are ready to live it with joy, there's nothing wrong in fighting for it this year while there are many openings open. But for those who are not interested, there is no need to be discouraged because there are many areas that can be explored according to the interests and talents you have. Success can be achieved in a variety of ways, which is important to be happy when lived and lawful isn't it? Enthusiasm continues!

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