When Your Relationship Is Almost Kandas, 6 Things You Should Do To Make The Atmosphere Not Warm
05 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 252
When Your Relationship Is Almost Kandas, 6 Things You Should Do To Make The Atmosphere Not Warm Misunderstanding problems can indeed cause a fight and it is not impossible that from a quarrel can make your relationship and he almost ran aground, want to be defended or released is your choice, obviously the heart problem must be discussed both together so that misunderstanding can melt and leave no questions.

Relationships that are often plagued by quarrels do seem to be brittle quickly and eventually break up. But not really you know, if your classy quarrels actually make your relationship even more sticky. But if indeed your relationship has felt almost run aground and on the verge of separation, you can do these 6 things so that everything doesn't get worse.

1. You need to step aside from a fight, to think whether you still want to survive

There are times when relenting for a moment from a fight doesn't hurt, getting out of a fight makes you think clearly after your emotions subside, you also need time to without it. Think carefully about what you want in this relationship, whether you've been sacrificing a lot without being rewarded, have you become enough of a good partner for him?

While your time is without it, imagine how you would if there were no more in your day. If your day is happier when you are with it, fix what's wrong with you. Your time is also mirrored, what has been wrong from you to make your relationship almost run aground.

2. Remember carefully from your previous problems, is he a better person?

If it feels tired of maintaining a relationship that is always fussing about it - that's all, try to correct yourself. This relationship belongs to both, two people in it must have a share in improving themselves so that everything works comfortably. You also need to correct your partner, try the value, whether he is better than before or still the same.

If you think, he is no better than before, the choice is in your hands, you want to be optimistic to lead him to be better or give up everything at the time, clearly you also may not always want to be understood without you also understanding your partner.

3. Dampen your ego for a moment, convey your opinion calmly and without a passionate emotion.

Fire in fire will not solve the problem, sometimes you need to be water to reduce the fire. How long do you want the two of you to be silent? Start the conversation and invite him to talk carefully, convey what has been bothering you.

There is no harm in your initiative first, because this is one proof that you still care about him and still want to maintain your relationship.

4. Do not even seek outlet with other people, it only worsens the situation

You really need a moment without it, so you can think about the continuity of your relationship. But, don't involve other people in your relationship. Especially to confide in the problems with your girlfriend to the opposite s*x, because it is not impossible if you can already baper with your vent friends and use your 'first time' time as an opportunity to walk together with other people. It is fatal and only aggravates the situation. if that's the case, just wait for your relationship. really ran aground.

5. Stay away from your face when angry, because the temptation to indulge the problem can arise suddenly

Social media can sometimes be toxic if we can't limit it properly. Spreading the problem of relationships on social media is a lot happening, because it feels heard and there is its own relief after conveying a lot of resentment.

However, indulgence in your thoughts for your girlfriend in public is not a good thing. So you should stay away from your gadget when you are angry so you won't be tempted to vent on social media. Besides not having any luck, it will only make you look even less cool in your boyfriend's eyes.

6. You can defend yourself, but after you listen to what you want and what you want

Give him a chance to talk, listen to what is stuck in his heart about your relationship and what he really wants, after that you can defend yourself and issue your argument if your girlfriend's view of you is wrong.

However, convey this in a good way so as not to provoke your partner's emotions, but you should not always feel right when you are wrong, just accept it. After all, that's the input for you so you can be a better partner.

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