When You Don t Have a Couple and a Job, Always Remember These 5 Things Will Be Strong to Live Life
21 Oktober 2018 dyarayu Motivation 202
When You Don t Have a Couple and a Job, Always Remember These 5 Things Will Be Strong to Live Life What is the saddest thing that can happen in humans? Idle? Or be single when you are no longer young? Or are you both experiencing now? Like, there is no reason to survive.

Hey, it's okay. After all, being single when unemployed is not the end of everything. And those who experience that are not just you. Keep trying, and remember these 5 things when your heart is shaky and it feels like you want to keep complaining. Believe me, your life will change later! Eits, as long as you want to try ...

1. Keep in mind that you still have dreams that are worth pursuing until later

Remember, since you were in elementary school, you have dreams. Even though as you grow older these ideals continue to change, but, you still have something that you can hold tight until now.

I don't know what your dreams are now, even teachers, lecturers, or writers, that's your dream. When you are tired of looking for work, remember that you have grasped these goals for a long time. And you, just a step away to make it real.

2. When you want to finish everything, remember there are many people who want to be you

When you look at friends who seem successful with all their lives, you suddenly become stunted. You, nothing for them. However, have you ever realized, that many want to be you, with all that you don't have, they want to be you.

Don't give up, don't spend your time just to watch other people's lives. Thank you for what you have now, and strive for what you want to have in the future.

3. To get a good partner, you also have to be good. Are you sure you want to give up now?

Who doesn't want to match good people? You certainly also want to not, have a mate that can be happy until the hair is no longer black and wrinkled starts changing your face?

Well, it's easy if you want to match up with good people. You only need to survive, run faster and try harder in terms of finding a job as well as stabilizing yourself. Because, if you are still cranky, easy to falter and continue to complain tired, it will slow down your own soul mate.

Because matchmaking is a reflection of yourself ...

4. When tired, understand and remember always, that your parents never complain to make you happy

Understand how if you are tired, here and there looking for work and sad because singles and no one entertains all understand you. But try to think about it again, where are you tired of your parents who have sold you since you were in the mother's stomach, numbering their desires so that you get a decent life. Your mother and father, sweating from morning to night, but they didn't complain.

You're not ashamed?

5. You have run so far, it has fallen repeatedly. Come on, appreciate your own pain by being successful at your own business

Being you is certainly not easy, of course tired, of course sick. You try, make hands as feet, think until headaches. Is it not in vain if you now start thinking of giving up and ending your own struggle? Hey, be aware. You just need to move a few steps forward to achieve what you want to achieve. Appreciate the injuries and sweat coming out of your body. The wheel of life, will surely take you to a higher place, immediately.

It won't take long, trust me.

Every person has his own struggle, has his own way of life. If you are single and unemployed now, that is the phase of life that you just need to go through, really. It's just how you want to continue or not, want to survive or just choose to give up. Try, remember and reflect on the 5 things above. What the emission is if you choose to step back just because it's long overdue and become unemployed.

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