Want to Know the Taste of Cooking in Antarctica whose temperature is -8 degrees These Photos are the Answers
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Want to Know the Taste of Cooking in Antarctica whose temperature is -8 degrees These Photos are the Answers Let's get acquainted with Cyprien Versaux, an astrobiologist and glaciologist who now lives in Antarctica. He is at the most remote scientific base in the world, Concordia Station Antarctica. This place is not human friendly and very cold. Antarctica at the South Pole is very far from civilization. Even with outer space, Antarctica still feels even further.

As many as 13 people were silent there doing research on climate in the past. They survive the cold and unrest of Antarctica. They consist of technicians, scientists, medical doctors, and cooks. Imagine, winter lasts 9 months a year. Have to wait until August to wait for the sun to shine.

Its natural condition is very barren with a desert landscape. This place is so cold and lacks oxygen. When winter the temperature can reach minus 80 degrees Celsius. Even bacteria cannot live in this place. But behind the extreme Concordia, this place is very interesting to look at climate change that has happened so far.

In the midst of their struggle to live in Concordia, Cyprien Versaux fadly photographed frozen food there as if challenge the theory of gravity. He visited funny food photos on Twitter

What would happen if the appliance cooks until it drifts like this because it freezes the food being cooked. Very unique,

One of the most epic photos is a photo of a spoon floating in an instant noodle. Maybe you often see like this in magic shows huh. Very funny!

Want to fry the eggs really hard there. A temperature of minus 80 makes everything freeze, including the eggs to be cooked. Oh yes, food delivery can't come at any time so they often run out of fresh food.

Even if you want to have breakfast, bread with jam is really a problem. Immediately freezing jam and bread, with the spoon instead

Cyprien said this was not a picnic, but yes the condition was like that. They must survive amid the cold of Antarctica. But how come it's funny, hehehe

These photos are then viral on Twitter. Through his Twitter account @CyprienVersaux, he uploaded these unreasonable photos. Uh, but how come you can get internet? Stars scattered above the head as if in space. Beautiful

Not engineering, this fork floats because the noodles are frozen so they harden and can maintain the position of the fork

Yes, hopefully the struggle of scientists in Antarctica can produce knowledge about climate change and how to overcome it. Excitement!

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