Viral, The Story of Mysteries in a School That Makes Shudder Horrified. The Horror video is really Sih
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Viral, The Story of Mysteries in a School That Makes Shudder Horrified. The Horror video is really Sih Human life side by side with supernatural beings alias invisible. Sometimes people and jinns often rub against each other because they live in the same environment. Only different dimensions. The invisible creatures sometimes like to be nosy and disturb humans. Usually, we are afraid, if we are disturbed by supernatural beings or jinns. Whereas as a human being who is the most perfect creature, it should not be afraid of genies or often called ghosts or demons. But how about it again, scary. Hehehe.

A netizen named Agil seems to be different from most people. Instead of being upset when disturbed by spirits, he instead became curious and looked for their presence in an elementary school. Midnight, he was just looking for who bothered him. The adventure was exciting and produced a video that made the hair feel goose bumps. Let's see Agil's adventure looking for 'ghosts' that bother him!

A netizen named Agil, was at his parents' house in Temanggung. His house is close to an elementary school. Well one night, he was disturbed by the sound of girls crying

Okay as an opening story, this is the reason why Agil is behind midnight out of the house. He could not sleep disturbed by the sound of girls crying. Is that human voice or the voice of a spirit? Intrigued by the sound, Agil then left the house and searched for the source of the sound. Unfortunately, the voice came again and there was no one there.

Agil looked for the source of the sound and around the school which was quite horror. His adventures paid off with the increasingly loud voices and disturbances I can sleep, because I hear crying sounds, then I try to record it, just catch something, if from the stories of people, here it is haunted, there are kunti, he said ...

- (@AgilRSapoetra) October 22, 2018

At midnight on October 23 at 01.58 WIB, Agil uploaded the first video about her adventures in search of crying sounds. Indeed, the place is famous for being haunted like the recognition of residents. But unexpectedly Agil dared to penetrate the darkness of the night armed with his camera. The search was fruitful, in the next video came the sound of a crying girl like Hipwee uploaded in the first video. He also could not sleep until morning because of curiosity. Agil will continue his adventure the next night.

The pretty scary part is the sound of crying that is heard but the distance is quite far and also the voice of a child. This is a school, how come it's really horror!

02:59, at the end there is a sound like a child & like a table in a hit, try using a hedset ... the activity is more extreme .. Fakkk

- (@AgilRSapoetra) October 23, 2018

On the second night, he returned to action midnight at 1:00 a.m. At first he only smelled the scent, but then the girl's cries came out again. Only the sound is small as if the location is further away. Even though the myth is in the unseen world, if there is a close voice, the creature is actually in the distance. But if the voice is soft, it might be behind you. Very cool!

In school, he actually found a more terrible sound like the voice of a child and a table that was hit. Very horror right? On the next night it was even more scary. Not enough sound, he felt poked and then the voice of a child appeared again. His voice felt very clear in the ear. There were also those who banged on the warehouse door from the inside even though it was locked. There are also those who draw wells but there are no people. Oops, if this is the case, the disturbance has started to be extreme. Agil did not give up, he continued on the fourth night looking for a supernatural figure who lived there.

Agil 'hunting' for 4 nights and the many disturbances he received. His body feels hot and his neck like a heavy burden. As a result after ablution the situation improved. Don't be imitated, Agil's actions are very brave to challenge and sing this 'demon'. Just look at this video, it's scary, let alone handle it yourself. Hehe. But if you like this night tour, you can try it. Just as long as you have big balls. Who knows, it can be viral too? Hehehe.

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