Variety of Modern VS Modern Kitchen Tools. Here s How Our Grandma Prepares Food Before Technology Comes
27 November 2018 Andhika Lady Maharsi Tips 331
Variety of Modern VS Modern Kitchen Tools. Here s How Our Grandma Prepares Food Before Technology Comes Kitchen utensils generally will change and develop one after another. But there are several tools whose functions are always anticipated and must be in every kitchen. For example: stoves, pots, pans, rice cookers, and a series of equipment. Without them, your kitchen will not be able to produce any cooking aroma. Well, I never thought about it, how did our grandparents process food in the past? What kitchen tools they use, as well as the time they spend serving lunch. Certainly different, with the current conditions.

To invite you to be nostalgic, let's look at one by one old kitchen tools and their uses. Shhh, even though it's old school, many of you are still using it today.

1. In ancient times, people cooked rice using a cane pan. Namely a type of pan that has "strains" in it to put rice and water. Now, just using magic com is correct

Cages are a type of pan that has a section called "sarangan" which is used for steaming food, especially rice. The process of cooking rice is even more complex than now. Rice must be boiled first, then when it is half cooked, the rice is put into steaming / steaming and steamed or rolled. The process is long, different from now that if you want to cook rice, just press 'click' several times, then the rice will cook itself.

2. To smoke the kitchen smoke, the previous person needs to find and prepare dry and good firewood first. If now, just turn the ignition button on the stove only

Cooking using a stove is the only way to steer the kitchen at that time. In each house, there is a kind of parade containing two or more holes below which is a fireplace where wood is burned. The fire drama that is hard to burn due to damp air has become commonplace. Blessed are you who are now nothing. Want to make instant noodles just push the stove.

3. Making peanut sauce for the best gado-gado is using a mortar. But for chili sauce and other complete spices, you can use a blender anyway

In modern kitchens now, even though most households already have a blender, it seems that they still provide mortar to fulfill the desire to eat warm rice using sambel ulek. This ulekan can be made of wood, clay or stone. It takes a long process to smooth the spices before they are used for cooking.

4. Rantang is the only solution for putting food in stock. If now, just use the current plastic basket sold via MLM already

Arranged basket that is used to deliver food or put stock has become excellent. Generally there are 3 to 4 stackings in which can be filled: rice, various side dishes, and vegetables. The plate must prepare itself. Complicated huh? Different from now, if you want to eat it can be directly from the place.

5. To keep the water cool, the way is to put it in a clay jug. Now there is a refrigerator and dispenser. Everything makes it easy

That said, by entering boiled water into a clay jug it will make the water cooler and fresher. This is true, because the content of insulators in clay jars is indeed beneficial to make the temperature of the water inside cooler. However, now people use more electric-powered dispensers to cool or heat water instantly.

6. This green-white rainbow glass may still often be found in vintage restaurants. Especially if it is filled with warm tea. If it's now, use a stainless mug.

Let's imagine sipping coffee or tea in the afternoon with the legendary green rainbow glass container. Coupled with snacks in the form of fried rice or homemade diamond. Really, the pleasure is invincible! In the era of millenials, the glass was replaced with a stainless mug that had a water temperature retaining system inside it.

7. To make a cake, you must have a tangkring oven that works on the stove. Now there is a gas or microwave oven

Do you know how oven tangkring works? This tool made of zinc box is placed on a stove that is burning, then after heating it, put the cake mixture that has been put in the mold, leave it until done. You can't adjust the temperature given, so you have to play feeling. In contrast to today's microvave which has digital controls to regulate the cold heat of the roasting temperature.

Now that was some old school cooking equipment that used to be relied on by our mother or grandmother in preparing dishes for you. The former is not necessarily always more comfortable and enjoyable, thank you for being spoiled by technology.

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