Use Hair Dryer for these 9 Benefits. If you only use a hair dryer, lose it
09 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Tips 101
Use Hair Dryer for these 9 Benefits. If you only use a hair dryer, lose it The girls certainly understand well about using a hair dryer to help dry the hair. Not to mention for those who are busy with activities, after shampooing, they want their hair to dry out immediately.

If you have a hair dryer, don't think the function is limited to just a hair dryer. Forget about the main function, some other functions of this blow dryer can you apply to facilitate your daily life.

1. Eyelashes become more supple with tongs that have been warmed with a hair dryer

Eyelash curler won't last forever. Sometimes it will wear out and drift due to frequent friction. Well, before using it, try warming the eyelash curler with a hair dryer. Only then do you flick your eyelashes. The result will be more supple and durable! 2. If you are in a hurry and don't have time to iron your clothes, use a blow dryer so that your clothes don't tangle

In addition to using an iron, a wrinkled shirt can be trimmed using a hair dryer. Easy way, first hang clothes with a hanger, spray clothes fragrance on the matted part, then dry with a hair dryer. Your clothes will be neater and no longer tangled. 3. In addition to being able to dry your shoes, a hair dryer can also be used to loosen your shoes that are tight!

To make your shoes looser, simply point the blow dryer to the inner shoe until it feels warm. Use thick socks, then use your shoes, and spray again with a blow dryer until it's warm. Your narrow shoes will slowly expand to the ideal shoe size according to your feet. 4. When the handle of your glasses is felt to be inappropriate and often sags, try correcting it with a hair dryer

This trick is specifically the handle of glasses made of plastic which is vulnerable and easy to loosen. The way to fix it is easy, point the hot air dryer to the arch you want to change, then slowly re-shape the handle of your glasses according to the right size.

5. Believe you don't believe it, you can help your hair dryer clean the stain of the crayon on the wall

If you have children, nieces, or siblings who are still children and like to scratch the walls with crayons, don't worry. To clean it, use the heat from the hair dryer to melt it (because the crayons are made of wax). After melting, wipe using a small towel or cloth that has been moistened with water. 6. The hair dryer also makes it easy for you to remove the label or plaster sticker that is firmly attached and hard to remove

Whether it's label or plaster stickers, you can remove the adhesive glue easily if you have previously heated it with a hair dryer. Not just easy to remove, this method will also reduce the remnants of paper or adhesive attached. So it's easy to clean! 7. Risi because of the waxy liquid sticking to the floor or table? Clean it easier with just a hair dryer!

Melting wax that is exposed to the surface of the floor or table must be careful to clean it. But it can be tricked with the help of a blow dryer that will help melt the remaining wax so that the melt is easier to clean. No need to pry out wax scars using nails or tools that can damage the surface, right? 8. Dust that is difficult to reach can you spray with warm air from your hair dryer!

For example, dust that sticks between bookshelves or dust attached to the laptop keyboard. To clean it, just turn on the low-power hair dryer and slowly the sticking dust will lift.

9. Inflating an air mattress doesn't always have to use a pump, use a hair dryer too!

If your accident happens to be lost or tucked away somewhere, while you need to inflate the air mattress, try using a blow dryer by spraying warm air into the air vents of the mattress. Then your air mattress will slowly expand and last longer the wind.

There are various types of hair dryers, some are traditional, ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline, each of which has its own uses. Make sure you choose the right type of blow dryer, especially for use as a hair dryer. But from all of them, any type of hair dryer can still be used above functions. Hopefully more maximal use the hair dryer!

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