Use Cellphone, Color Background Photograph Can Be Changed within 2 Minutes Here are the 4 steps
29 Oktober 2018 Audina Galeshita Tips 396
Use Cellphone, Color Background Photograph Can Be Changed within 2 Minutes Here are the 4 steps Having a photo is one of the mandatory things for everyone. Starting from school documents, marriages, report cards, to CPNS test supplies. Well, there are also many types of photos, from size to background color, or background. Usually when taking pictures for photos always ask what color will be used for the background. Different interests, different background colors are needed.

What if you need a photo with a certain background color, but do you have another color? Need more photos or just change the background, huh?

You don't need expensive photo shoots. Besides, for a photo copy, the time will definitely be longer right? You simply change the background color of the photo. The trick is easy. As long as you have a digital photo file, a cellphone, and an application for photo editing that can do a color replace command, that's enough to make you suddenly become a photo editing expert. Let's practice the way together

1. First, you must have a photo editing application on a cellphone that can do color replace. The PicsArt application is usually used and open the application

2. You just have to open the digital photo file in the application. Select 'Effects' then 'Color' and then 'Color Replace'

3. Click on the background color of the photo you want to change, when the color selection appears, navigate to the desired color

4. If there are parts of the face or clothes that change color. Just delete the section by selecting the eraser icon. When finished, click the check mark

It's easy to follow it? It doesn't need to be confused anymore to find a way to change the background of a photo. Just take advantage of your cellphone, go straight. If you want to print, it can also be taken to the printing press, then just print the message you want. Good luck!

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