Unique Ways to Eat Roast Bread from 8 Countries. Maybe You Can Try It When You Are Bored with the same
12 September 2018 Darin Rania Tips 240
Unique Ways to Eat Roast Bread from 8 Countries. Maybe You Can Try It When You Are Bored with the same Although not a staple food like rice, but the popularity of bread in Indonesia can be said to be quite high. Almost all people - no matter what their background, or what their economic conditions are - like to eat bread or processed bread. After all, there are many people selling bread at low prices. So, the point is that bread is no longer an item that can only be enjoyed by some people.

Well, one form of bread that is quite popular is plain bread. This is because plain bread is flexible enough to be processed into a variety of tempting dishes, from bread, sandwiches, to toast. Speaking of toast, maybe most of us are only familiar with toast that is eaten using jam. Though in fact, there are many processed baked goods from various countries. This time Hipwee Tips has collected unique ways to eat toast from 8 countries in the world. Look, who knows if it can be inspiring tomorrow morning

1. If you are bored with toast that is smeared with jam, try adding cream cheese like the Germans do. Guaranteed, the sweet taste of jam and salty from cheese will blend perfectly in the mouth!

2. India is famous for its spices. Before baking, bread is usually smeared with butter and then sprinkled with black pepper and turmeric powder. Although it tastes salty, but this toast is served with jam you know. Unique!

3. If you are Spanish, you usually eat bread with fresh tomatoes (pan con tomate) on it. First, the bread is smeared with olive oil and fresh tomatoes first, then baked

4. Toast Skagen is one of the popular foods in Sweden. This snack combines toast with shrimp cooked with butter, creme fraiche and herbs. Really tempting, yeah!

5. The famous breakfast menu in the UK is toast served with beans, eggs, sausage and meat. Wow, the portion is full if its

6. Garlic toast or fettunta is the mainstay menu in Italy. You can try making it yourself. How to bake bread until browned. While still warm, rub the mashed garlic, sprinkle with salt and olive oil

7. The salty one, now its a sweet turn. In Singapore & Malaysia it is known that the name is rich in toast. Basically this toast is just toast with srikaya jam. You can make your own jam from a mixture of coconut and eggs

8. If its toast from Morocco, maybe some of you often make it. The problem is that it only uses warm honey which is smeared on the bread. Stay served with tea or warm milk, perfect already

So, where do you want to try breakfast later this weekend?

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