Turning Sadness Into Happiness. 1 These Images Have a Good Message to Grow Humanity
10 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 329
Turning Sadness Into Happiness. 1 These Images Have a Good Message to Grow Humanity Recognized or not, arguably this world is actually not okay. Disasters, conflicts, wars have spread on the screen. You certainly know that conflicts in the Rohingya, Syria, Iran, or the war in Palestine still continue today. Grief, hurt, despair, and sadness that happened out there raises the question "when is the war over?".

Who is not sad and empathetic to know so many victims there? This sense of empathy might move the heart of a Bangladeshi design artist named Morshed Mishu. Through Instagram, Mishu initiated a campaign to respond to conflicts in the world. He made an image design that departed from the tragic photographs of war into a hopeful image.

1. Mishu designed images of heartbreaking photos, into a work that touched the heart of

2. The photos that make us sad are transformed into a hopeful work

3. This campaign clearly intends to inspire anyone to care about the ongoing conflict out there

4. At a young age, little girls should play with pets. But war forces them to feel misery

5. If the world is peaceful, this father doesn't need to fight and lose his leg. Going fishing might be his favorite activity

6. Of course you are familiar with this kid? At the age that should be spent reading a story book, but instead witnessed the horror

7. In conflict countries, explosions and steaming smoke occur everywhere. A house that should have been decorated with green trees was destroyed in rubble

8. Seeing this, we should be grateful and increase our awareness to build peace and unity

9. Mishu's campaign can be summarized in #the_global_happiness_challenge. This is the ninth work that responds to humanitarian issues

10. One of the Indonesians who participated in this campaign was @ Lutfimochlatif uploading the story of Alan Kurdi (3 years) victims of the Syrian refugee crisis which had become the world's attention

The campaign that has been carried out by Morshed Mishu has at least brought a good message in the form of an invitation to both transform the sadness of the world into happiness. Through #the_global_happiness_challenge, Mishu has proven that anything can be done to make the world better. He is good at design, so with his artwork he spreads the message well.

So are we. Indeed, we can take part in transforming the world in a better direction. Maybe we raise funds, become volunteers, make writings, songs and other things that can be a medium to spread the message both for humanity.

Source : https://www.hipwee.com/category/motivasi/