Travel Destination Recommendations for Holidays in Next Year s Long Weekend. Well, 2 19 Where are you going
11 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 260
Travel Destination Recommendations for Holidays in Next Year s Long Weekend. Well, 2 19 Where are you going 2018 is nearing its end. The new year 2019 will come soon. For those of you who are looking forward to next year's vacation, plan right now. Don't let me miss having traveled to dream destinations like this year. For that we need careful planning since long ago. Find cheap tickets and choose the best season to visit.

A few days ago, Hipwee had told me about the list of holidays and joint leave in 2019. So to be complete, this time we will give recommendations on tourist destinations that you should visit next year. The date is also adjusted for holidays and long weekends. Are you curious about any recommendations next year? Let's look at Hipwee Travel's review this time.

If you want to know next year's vacation check this infographic first

In January there was no long weekend other than the new year's holiday. In February, there is a long weekend where Tuesdays are Chinese holidays. Thailand or Maldives can be the goal

You can do a 4 day vacation in February outside Indonesia because it is the rainy season in Indonesia. Visiting the Maldives is one of the best choices because the weather there is very good this month. Another option, you can visit Thailand which is also relatively bright at the beginning of the year. You can enjoy both destinations in just 4 days!

March and April are good times for holidays to Japan and Korea. Cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully

There is a red date in March and falls on Thursday (March 7). There are 4 days you can use on vacation to Japan and Korea to enjoy sakura and spring in both countries. I will not regret visiting there in these months. If you don't, you can add a day or two to leave to be satisfied to explore these countries in the most beautiful season.

May and June are rather difficult for holidays because it coincides with the month Ramadan and Eid. But you memanfaatkan can take advantage of the long Eid holiday with him.

Although there are holidays, May and June are the month of Ramadan where Muslims usually focus on worship and rarely on holidays. On May 1 fell on Wednesday, it was difficult to find a long holiday. May 19th the Vesak holiday also falls on Sundays. Only the remainder of May 29 (Ascension) can you use. It happened to fall on Thursday. So there are 4 days you can use on vacation. Yes, try a vacation to Sumba, when the savanna is verdant. Other options can be to KL and Singapore for a 4-day vacation. Lebaran holidays which are usually quite long you can use to several domestic destinations such as Labuan Bajo or Raja Ampat.

July and August are good seasons for holidays. There is only one long weekend that is during Eid al-Adha. Meanwhile, September and October there is no long weekend at all

In the range of July and August, there is only one long weekend that falls on Monday, August 12 (Eid al-Adha). These months on vacation to the beach should be. Can go to Derawan, or Belitung. Even without a long weekend, you should take leave in these months because it is indeed the best weather in Indonesia on those dates. You can also use September and October to climb Mount Semeru, Kerinci or Merbabu. Tourism on the beach is okay too, try Bali or Lombok.

Finally, November and December have entered the rainy season. It's better to have a vacation abroad that has snow only once ...

At the end of the year, it's better to vacation abroad because in Indonesia it enters the rainy season. Try Nepal or northern India. The Himalayan mountain range offers panoramic views of the snow mountain that spoil the eyes. Yes, if your budget is tight and you can't take long leave, city tours in Jogja or Malang can be interesting options.

Well, the vacation schedule is already there, vacation recommendations have also been given, now the question of the budget is there or not? Hehehe. The principle is like this, don't you see traveling as a waste, traveling is actually a very expensive investment for human mind, insight and maturity. Come on, schedule your vacation next year!

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