Through These 8 Speeches, Sorry Only, You Have Harmed the Feelings of a Miscarriage Woman
10 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Young Mom 313
Through These 8 Speeches, Sorry Only, You Have Harmed the Feelings of a Miscarriage Woman No woman wants a miscarriage, no matter what the circumstances. Miscarriage is not only physical, but also mental illness. Both women and their partners must go through difficult times to give up their children who must return to His days, without compromise. Obviously it's not easy, especially if it's a anticipated pregnancy.

When this disaster comes, there will be good people who come and intend to entertain, while this woman is calming herself in her grief. Be careful, maybe you mean good, but saying these things to a woman who has a miscarriage will actually hurt her again and again. It's good to avoid.

1. "What is the story? How come? "

Anyone who hears the news of disaster will surely be surprised and want to know more about the cause. Indeed, occasionally sharing experiences about miscarriages will save other pregnancies, but remember, occasionally. If this question is repeated repeatedly, only the woman who has just lost a child is forced to scrape a wound, exhaustion, and drain feelings. No one is more curious about the death of the baby but his own mother.

2. "Maybe something is wrong with your womb ..."

Women who have been declared miscarriages and have been dealt with by medical experts certainly already know about the ins and outs of the conditions they are experiencing right now. Then you should never speculate and try to figure out what caused the miscarriage. Especially with a negative statement that seems to blame the woman. Intention to want to help solve the problem, you give it an additional burden.

3. "Oo, do you mean ? You should ... "

There is nothing more annoying than someone who knows and knows. Still the same as the previous point, people like this feel they know best what happened to the woman. Summing up something by giving a statement "this should be so should" even seems pointing and judgmental. Instead of acting the most out, but it doesn't help at all, it's better to keep quiet. Empathize that you can experience similar events, whatever you agree about that.

4. "You're lucky, there are still many people who can't get pregnant ..."

Miscarriage does not only mean being sad because you are left behind by a favorite person, but also happy because you have felt togetherness, even though it is not as perfect as meeting. This feeling certainly cannot be compared to any conditions. It must hurt when compared, as if this woman forgot to be grateful if she ever conceived. Instead of comparing, it would be better to pray, "May you always be prejudiced about God's provisions."

5. "The patient, there must be a replacement ..."

The fetus is a soul and cannot be replaced. Even though it sounds very empathetic, this greeting is like a mere ado, already using the PHP sentence too. Every married couple must miss the presence of the baby, so words that confirm this are only considered disparaging. Maybe it was so easy for the person who commented to have children, to forget that getting the offspring was not a midterm exam. It's better to pray that the woman and her partner will be stronger than before.

6. "Great, you are very strong. If I experience it, maybe I will ... "

People who say the sentence between praise and insults may want to show empathy, but unfortunately overdoing it. As strong as possible the baby left who has never been met, must still leave deep wounds and even trauma. Again, don't use comparisons, because comparisons will always hurt one party compared. Instead of saying the sentence above, you better say, "You can be sad, crying is also not sin, but still strong, huh!"

7. "How are you feeling now?"

Asking people how they have just been left behind is the most stupid thing of all time. Although when asked, the woman will smile broadly and say she is fine, still, her feelings are fragile, maybe she wants to scream loudly and faint. No need to be asked, the person who is most sad about the death of a child is certainly a parent, especially the mother who is pregnant. So, it's better to look for another topic, be quiet, or as simple as that, "Even more sad ...", that's enough help.

Actually, there is no good explanation in the heart and mind of a mother who lost her child. Miscarriage is the worst pain ever. This accident often makes the woman always blame herself and sad because she has disappointed her spouse and family.

So as a friend or relative, be sensitive to his needs. If you really don't want to be found, don't force him to meet even though you have good intentions and want to help. So, entertaining people doesn't have to be forced to be next to them. You also have to sort it out in words.

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