These are 1 Rules and Mix of Style Matches Using Leggings. No need to increase, especially when I m embarrassed
23 November 2018 Dwita Apriliani Style 313
These are 1 Rules and Mix of Style Matches Using Leggings. No need to increase, especially when I m embarrassed Having lots of activities makes us girls to be agile everywhere. To be free to move without interfering with activities, we need to wear clothes that don't make it difficult. For example, leggings because the model that fits right in the foot certainly makes it easy to move.

But, it is not uncommon for us to be less confident because we feel uncomfortable in the shape of the foot once. In fact, leggings can still be comfortable to wear all day long as long as you know how to mix them together. Therefore, see 10+ rules that match the following leggings.

1. Usually, leggings are used as subordinates for sports. When you want to jog in the morning with cool enough air, you can wear leggings that are combined with a turtleneck shirt and the length covers the hips 2. The shirt is not only suitable to be matched with jeans or regular material pants. You can still appear on point wearing shirts with black leggings and loafer shoes. Your appearance is very interesting and you are also free of motion3. There are now many kinds of leggings, such as patterned leggings that make your style even more fun. You can match it with a knit cardigan and slip on this one pattern. Do you want to watch a concert? Direct cus! 4. When you want to use leggings, you can be satisfied and try different outter and lingerie. Like this kece style that is simple with a plain white top and a light gray outer thick. It's really fun to go anywhere

5. You will see how cool your casual appearance is with mix and match jeans shirts and black leggings. Stay casual without exaggeration at all 6. You might only know if you look formal using material pants. In fact, by combining a black blazer, white top, and black leggings, it still doesn't leave you feeling cool. Invited to an impromptu meeting? Depart! 7. For you who are in a place with cold temperatures, you can really mix and match leggings with oversized boots and sweaters. Stay comfortable moving without any obstacles8. The cool thing is to use those leggings you can use to be deep with this thin brocade skirt out, you. Plus crop top don't forget so that your style level increases. Not at all uncomfortable, especially less confident

9. Maybe, you often wonder if it's suitable or not, use patterned leggings combined with a floral mini dress like this? You become a warm personal look 10. Besides patterned leggings, you can also show a little edgy feminine style through black leggings that are combined with a patterned and black outter mini dress. Don't forget the boots so that you look more and more statement! Even those who wear hijab need not hesitate. You can still look polite and elegant through solid matching leggings wrapped in thick black skirts along with these stripe blazers. It is really suitable to enliven your high mobility12. Or if you want to wear leggings as a subordinate you can still look polite. As long as you use oversized tops until knee, yes

13. Want to look relaxed, but still fun to see? You can mix with a loose gray skirt with a plain white top and leggings wrapped in a skirt. Duh, your style is unique

Use leggings everywhere can make us comfortable while on the move. It's just because the model is right to follow the curve of the foot, sometimes it makes us not happy. Whether because it feels uncomfortable to be noticed by others or embarrassed by the shape of the feet, we are often reluctant to wear leggings. Well, hopefully you can apply these 10+ rules of leggings and no more words of shame or anxiety, huh.

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