These 5 Things If Your Routine Is Done, Gratitude Will Frequently Stop in Life
28 Oktober 2018 Auliyaulil Motivation 277
These 5 Things If Your Routine Is Done, Gratitude Will Frequently Stop in Life Being human will definitely have more and less. Focusing on things we don't have and always comparing with what others already have can be a heart disease for us. Don't focus on what we can't, but from now on make it as motivation and focus on what we can do to make our lives more useful. It's not funny ... it has lived for centuries but only thought of uselessness or inability.

There are 5 ways you can use to be grateful for your life with all your shortcomings and strengths. These methods are actually taken from the journal Seligmen and Tayyab Rashid (if the child of psychology is definitely familiar with his name), then maybe it will be more or less the same, but it will be packaged in light language (more or less ... )

1. Receive (Cool Language Acceptance)

Now the word 'accept' is very easy to say but a little need to struggle, yes to implement. Accepting here means broadly ... accepting self-deficiency and strength. The point is to be able to accept yourself as they are. Simply put, we can accept that for example, we were born with curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair. We are lacking and more, that's what we are. This does not mean being a person who cannot receive input from others, that's two different things. Usually if a person has received strengths and weaknesses, accepting his life line he will be more grateful and even motivated to succeed.

2. Write a self-forgiving letter

Tekadang without us knowing we still have a grudge against someone. Even revenge for yourself, or regret for feeling wrong in life. This also indirectly prevents us from being grateful for life. So, what you need to note is that your past is not to be questioned but to be accepted. We can't change what has happened in the past, but we can change our point of view about the past.

3. Write down 3 things that you can be grateful for every day

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things around us. We forget that the simple things in our lives have meaning. Maybe this method can be used to restore the memory that we need to appreciate the little things that are actually big but we forget. Just a simple example of breathing. Most people are not so aware that it needs to be grateful. How do we want big things, if we don't start to be grateful for small things.

Let me try to write down at least 3 things that happen in your life (if possible, every day)

4. Write a letter thanks

Sometimes we unconsciously demand ourselves too much. If the demands are fulfilled, happiness is extraordinary, but there is no guarantee to say "thank you". Conversely, if the demands are not fulfilled, then the impression is that all who are involved are wrong, unable, incompetent and others. Even if we want to thank anyone, including ourselves, we will feel more appreciated. Thank people who are valuable in your life, including yourself. Our self is very worthy of being appreciated ... How do you want to ask for respect from others, if you just can't respect yourself.

Oiya, the letter you wrote later, you can directly give it to the person or you can save it and you write it neatly as a form of alarm for yourself.

5. Writing achievements that have been achieved in life

Why does the car always have a rearview mirror?

Yep ... because to look back. This is the right analogy. Looking ahead is very important, that's why the front glass of the car is wider, but the car won't have a rearview mirror.

That's how life is. If we always see other people in front of us, surely it seems we are nothing, we are nothing and we cannot do anything. But try now to look far behind what we have done until we are at this point. How? Write down everything that is important as long as we live. It doesn't always have to be an achievement ... but it can also be when we can get out of trouble and survive with life. When we can survive with only an allowance of 100 thousand to eat one month (for example). Little things that we don't realize, and not everyone can do that is achievement.

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