These 5 Privileges Are Only Owned By You Who Have Apprenticed, Before Real Work
05 November 2018 Telkom Indonesia Success 373
These 5 Privileges Are Only Owned By You Who Have Apprenticed, Before Real Work Does the apprentice need it or not? Can't you just search for real work right away?

Internships are often an activity when they are students. There are several majors that require students to be internships, while others are only choices. But the internship after graduating from school / college is different again. Many think that it is better to just look for real work, which is fixed and contract bound.

So the apprentice does not give a monthly salary. But an internship can give you many useful things. What is clear is that the internship increases your value as a talented young generation. Well, besides, you who have been apprenticed at least once before real work, have some of these qualities. Come on, check it out, guys!

1. Learning apprenticeship from the start a matter of choice. Determining the career dreams and experiences needed is not easy.

When deciding to do an internship, surely you want a place that can help your future right? It's not just big so it's beautiful when it's written on a CV, but it's also a place that can provide knowledge that fits your dream career. Well, to find the right place is not easy, you know. First of all, you have to know what field you want. After knowing the field, you must also know what position you want. Are field staff, or behind the desk. From here, the apprentice learns to make choices and face each of the consequences. You learn to consider many things, so that your internship is not in vain and only produces "tired" only.

2. The apprentice will learn about discipline and obligation, no longer be able to like like when he was a student. I can't help but understand more about understanding commitment

Once on campus, things like being lazy to make assignments or procrastinating starting to write a chapter of two theses only had an impact on yourself. Well, at least I don't graduate, repeat, or take graduation next year. In the world of internships, everything is different. Here you are demanded by many things and the effect is not only on you. You who usually procrastinate, must be disciplined and do your job wholeheartedly. If not? Other people's performance can be disrupted, and your reputation can be tarnished.

3. What you face in the world of work might be a lot different. Here you will practice the skill dare to ask

Being an intern, you will meet seniors and people who are far more experienced. Maybe you will feel inferior because you feel you don't know anything. But calm, it is precisely at this moment that you can practice asking skills while understanding quickly the explanations or instructions given to you. This is an amazing skill. In the future you really need this skill. As simple as asking, there are still many people who have difficulty doing it. Some are too lazy to ask questions, some are not brave for fear of being labeled stupid. You ask, how come to the gebetan, you are still excited, right?

4. Even though your grades are always special, the internship will give you the opportunity to practice directly on the field with an experienced mentor

You may be proud if your students' grades are never less than A. But not infrequently, in the field conditions are different from those in theory. Here is the importance of experience. Being an intern, giving you the opportunity to look directly at reality, and adapt to it. Internships are like real work but still learning. So when you really get into the workforce, your experience is quite rich and not shocking.

5. However, an internship in a large company opens up many new opportunities that are useful for your future. Networking can start from there

Maybe you think that internships don't provide material benefits. But usually the company will give pocket money anyway. Even in large companies, not infrequently the allowance is close to the UMR. Regardless of pocket money, internships have many benefits. Starting from work experience, quality mentors, and opportunities for acquaintances with many people who automatically open links for dream careers.

In fact, if your performance is very good, it is not impossible that you are offered to participate in the selection of permanent employees when the company where you are an apprentice opens job opportunities for permanent employees. With the provision of an internship, you will certainly be more confident and add insight to face the test. Yes right?

Well, for those of you who have passed D3, S1, or S2 and are confused about determining the next step, there is the Great People Internship Program (GPIP) from Telkom. In this internship program you can choose 4 fields, namely: Sales, Marketing, Telecommunication, and Information Technology. Oh yes, this internship program was opened in 4 regions, namely Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan, and Makassar with a duration of 6 months.

Here you will not only get fun experience and good knowledge from the best mentors at Telkom, but you will also get pocket money, certificates and insurance. What's wrong? GPIP is one form of Telkom's "devotion to the country", and a commitment to help increase the value of new graduates, and prepare them to be ready to enter the workforce. For registration and further information, let's check here

You need to welcome the transition to the world of school or college and the world of work. Because both are very different. Let me not be surprised, you need an internship. Not bad, you know to beautify your CV.

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