These 5 Life Hacks Will Make You More On Fire in Achieving Success. Dare to Try
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These 5 Life Hacks Will Make You More On Fire in Achieving Success. Dare to Try

Success is not an end, failure is not fatal: courage will continue.

(Winston Churchill)

Do you want to stop and give up again this time? Do you forget your struggle and you will forget every drop of your sweat? Is that fair for you?

Yes! If the question above is what you experience, you should take the time to answer it and try to think about every decision you take. You know in this world it's not just your problem that is heavy but many people out there have problems that are heavier than you. But they don't complain and continue to struggle with all their limitations and abilities.

In fact, congratulations you are lucky if you have a serious problem because your Lord loves you. Yes, he wants to lift your rank shortly, keep fighting for a while, you will arrive. If you avoid problems you will fall far more than today, then fight while you can fight!

Successful people think problems are opportunities, people fail to assume problems are obstacles big.

Then which one are you?

1. Every person has its own time zone!

Never be jealous of other people's success! Don't be resentful or angry anyway everyone has their own time zone. God has arranged everything beautifully for our lives, so we trust Him and keep doing our best.

Don't you want your life to be better? But you keep grumbling to see people you think are more than you.

Hey, you might not know what that person is going to do until he succeeds faster than you. Maybe while you sleep, he struggles to design his dreams with sweat and tears. You don't know what that person is experiencing.

Let's start fighting even more after your time is not someone else's time. If you are unable to accept the reality, there are two choices, namely to fight or stop and die. Yes, it's not extreme words, but it's true that only dead people stop fighting, they can't do anything.

You who live, let's keep fighting not just to fight ! This is your life, do it and act according to what you want, not the others want!

2. Dare to deal with risk!

There is a wise word, guys!

If you want to be more successful twice than today, then get out of your comfort zone! A comfortable zone will make you stagnant and walk in place. Many people when they have found a comfort zone, they tend not to move because they are afraid of risk. you! Seriously, in this world there are four types of people, namely super-successful people, successful people, ordinary people and people who fail.

For example, Facebook boss Mark Zugeberk is classified as people who are really conforming in their comfort zone as Harvard University students. Waw imagine that we were going to college on campus that would be happy and would not get out of there. But unlike this Facebook boss, he dared to get out of his comfort zone for that dream.

In the end the decision left the comfort zone accompanied by strong determination because he was sure when we know facebook as a communication tool. Okay imagine if Mark is in his comfort zone maybe he will not be the one whose success has an impact on many people.

If you feel fine in your zone, then you're not really good, but stuck in your comfort and that makes you stagnant to this day.

3. Don't see problems as obstacles. Look at it as an opportunity!

Often people tend to be stressed when facing problems, they choose to be cowards and run away from problems. There is nothing wrong with that but do you really want to continue to be a coward in your life? If people are healthy, say no.

Welcome the problem not as a problem but as an opportunity for our lives better. For what did God create us? none other than to be tested. Here, the problem is not always bad for our lives and for others. Try starting now, look at a problem from another perspective. Yes ... maybe that's where our prayers answer, look well and know that is a golden opportunity for us if we face it wisely. Come on, guys, try to keep thinking openly about every problem that passes in our lives.

When the storm comes in our lives, you try to never think about calming the storm but calm it down and save yourself. Yes ... the storm of life might not be avoided. But if we continue to calm down, sooner or later the storm will pass. Yes, the key is not attacking and continuing to fight. Rest assured you can face each of these exams, keep on praying and fighting well guys!

4. How come my fate is like this? Just be happy and keep doing your best!

When we have tried as much as possible but ultimately not in accordance with what is faced, calm down! Enjoy and be happy, the answer is only two, first maybe what you want is bad for your life, the second answer is not time.

Simple, right? So why do we regret everything? People will be sicker when they don't do anything in their lives, instead people who struggle even though the results are like that he will be happier at least he has tried rather than people who do nothing in his life.

Yes, just smile your struggle and make learning valuable because God is Seeing. When God loves His servants he will let that person in suffering and He will give a better life to His servants who always do their best for their lives.

Well, the second answer is that God will grant your prayer but not today but later when it's time. After all, we don't know what God has planned for us. So, still fighting, guys, calm down, there is a God who always holds our hands.

5. Be thankful, your life will be better!

The thing most people want in this world is happiness.

Happiness will not exist if our hearts are reluctant to be grateful. Look and thank you what we have today and take care of that happiness. Happy is not just money, right? We are grateful to have parents who are still alive, thankfully there are still people who love us, are grateful because we can go to school, and are grateful that God still trusts us to live in this world. Yes, successful people in this world are the ones who are most grateful.

You know a famous motivator who doesn't have hands and feet? He is Nick Pujicic, someone who never gave up in his life.

He was exiled and hated by his own father. Everyone at that time was disgusted with him. The darkness is very long. Until one day he got up and thought, behind him who did not have hands but he was still grateful. When he is grateful, he thinks for what God created it.

Nick believes everyone has talent and potential. So that's where he started practicing and looking for his passion. What happens next? He is now famous for being a motivator and high income. Besides that God gave him a perfect beautiful wife and perfect child. That is life, if you are thankful God will give you more than expected.

Well, that's the 5 key life you have to hold so you can achieve what you want it. Stay motivated, be patient, and keep fighting well!

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