The World s Most Horrifying Playground Is in China. There is a glass bridge hanging as high as 12 meters
12 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 324
The World s Most Horrifying Playground Is in China. There is a glass bridge hanging as high as 12 meters For China, they continue to strive to become number one in the world. In any case, business, olympiad to politics. No exception the most challenging adrenaline playground, China also does not want to lose to other countries. There are a lot of buildings or infrastructures that don't make sense that have been built in China. Starting from the longest glass bridge to the building that can pull out a waterfall. Crazy Chinese now.

One of the newest playgrounds built in China is also amazing and also \horrified\. This playground named Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park is indeed designed quite crazy. There are several vehicles that will shake the adrenaline and spread terror to its visitors. Curious as to what fun and thrill this vehicle is? Let's see the Hipwee Travel review this time.

Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park located in Chongqing city, a city in southwest China. This playground is one of the most exciting in the country

At this playground, the main attraction is walking on a platform or 80-meter long glass bridge whose concept depends on a height of 120 meters in over the gaping gorge. How do you not vibrate all the legs if you walk there?

This bridge was awarded the Guinness World of Record as the longest bridge in its class. The latest regulations state that only a maximum of 30 people can stand on the bridge at a time.

This vehicle is quite frightening because this bridge just depends on a pretty awful length, 80 meters. Make sure to come in the fog so that the height is not too high

Even though this is so scary, every year this vehicle is flooded with thousands of people you know. Indeed, the Chinese people are really big. Like this kind of extreme tour

Besides that there are also extreme swings as high as 300 meters from the ground. Wow, this is just the one who likes brave challenges. Very easy to see below, of course

Here's the highest swing video in the world. It's scary too ...

If you want to go to this vehicle, you only have to pay 180 yuan or about 389 thousand rupiah. Feeling challenged isn't it?

How, horrified don't you think? If you vacation to China don't forget to stop there huh.

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