The Goodness of Social Media Makes This Girl Succeed Reunion with Childhood Friends
29 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 724
The Goodness of Social Media Makes This Girl Succeed Reunion with Childhood Friends You could say, the increasing age of a person is directly proportional to the possibility of losing friends. An example is when you go to college. The busyness of the campus and the unconscious presence of new friends make us forget to spend time with a high school friend who used to be so familiar. Until one day, there are times when we miss and want to meet them.

Realizing the desire to meet the old friend is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Especially if you have lost contact with him for a long time. It's hard. There was only an obstacle whether the telephone number had been changed until he had moved his house. But there is a unique story when we talk about old friends. The story that was recently crowded on social media. How is a teenager reunited with his old friend thanks to Twitter's Twitter account. New evidence also, that the power of social media can indeed give goodness to all of us, provided that it is used for good things.

Recently it was crowded on Twitter, the story of meeting two separate friends since 2006

Longing for old friends as you often feel, in fact also felt by 19-year-old teenager named Brianna Cry from Mississippi, USA. Through his tweet, Brianna expressed her anxiety as well as her desire to meet her little friend who hasn't met for a long time.

Regardless of where the idea came from, Brianna took the initiative to use her followers to help her meet her old friends who had separated for about 12 years.

Through her tricks she hopes to get a lot of retweets so that the message reaches friends the intended

In his words, the owner of the @briannacry account revealed his desire to meet a little friend he met at a dinner party in 2006 in the evening. Brianna begged the citizens to help him meet with the person in the photo that was included in his tweet. < / p>

Apart from being homesick, he also wanted to find out how friends who had only met one night. Expressly, Brianna asked for her tweet to be tweeted so that her wishes could be seen by more people.

The body was welcomed, the tweet was retweeted by netizens. Until finally the tweet is read and replied to the intended friend

Brianna made the tweet on November 24. Launching the Evening Standard, initially before Brianna slept only 9 people retweeted. However, after waking up Brianna was surprised because it turned out that her cheats were many who responded. And who would have thought that less than 12 hours the message had reached his friend.

Through his account @heii_tree, his friend named Heidi Tran responded warmly "I heard you were looking for me". Not only that, he also included a photo with his family taken at dinner when he met Brianna.

Brianna herself did not believe her Twitter managed to connect her with her old friend. After that they communicate smoothly with each other

"I was so shocked! I was in the car scrolling through twitter and I saw her response to her family photos from the Hawaii dinner cruise. I had the idea my tweet would've reached her that fast. "We ve been talking about college and life. We're still catching up. "

Launching the Evening Standard, Brianna herself did not expect her tweet to bring her to her best friend. After being reunited by Twitter and reunited, Brianna claimed to have discussed many things. Starting from around college to other life questions.

This moving story has proven that social media can be used to bring relationships that have stretched apart. We can copy it!

The story of Brianna's meeting with her little friend, Heidi is truly touching and unique. Touching because they finally met after 12 years, unique because they met because of social media (Twitter). This phenomenon is good news because lately many things from social media are troubling. Starting from the number of hoaxes to utterances of hate.

Now for those of you who are longing and looking for ways to meet your little friend, this method can be used. Those of you who have long lost contact with them or don't have their new address, can use the same method that Brianna did. It really does need a little luck if your followers are few, but why don't you just try it first, who knows it works. Connecting hospitality is also worship, you know.

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