The 2 Most Visited Cities in 2 18. There are also from Indonesia too
09 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 181
The 2 Most Visited Cities in 2 18. There are also from Indonesia too In 2018, the world of traveling is again exciting and very exciting. Many new destinations and tourist attractions from around the world are increasingly adding to the choice of travel. It cannot be denied, the traveling trend is increasing because the world has changed into the digital era. Want to take a vacation just open the HP, application, or website. This convenience is helped by social media that makes many people easily get information. As a result, tourist cities are increasingly flooded with visitors from around the world.

Mastercard has just released the Global Destination City Index 2018, which presents data on the most visited cities in 2018. The parameters are simple, namely the number of foreign tourist visits in 162 cities in the world. Well, here is a list of the top 20 most visited cities this year. This data can actually change because 2018 is not over. Instead of being curious, let's look at the list that is Hipwee from Insider!

20. Ranked 20th, there are Bali or Denpasar who are Indonesian representatives. Bali is the most visited city with 8.7 foreign tourists. Bali, which is already white, is still in number 20 ...

19. Osaka is the second city from Japan to be included in this list. The city which is very thick with Japanese culture is able to bring in foreign travelers as much as 8.78 million. Thin difference with Bali

18. Barcelona managed to bring in 9.06 million international visitors in 2018. The city where Lionel Messi lives is indeed very famous for the beauty of the city and its architecture

17. Hong Kong, a metropolitan city with 9.11 million foreign tourists. How about Indonesians ...

16. The home town of two popular ball clubs, Inter and AC Milan, received as many as 9.19 million international visitors. Compete with Hong Kong and Barcelona

15. Palma de Mallorca, 9.3 million visitors this year. Maybe this city name is still unfamiliar to you, right?

14. The most famous coastal city in Thailand, Pattaya, has visited 9.56 million foreign tourists. Great about neighboring countries

13. The holy city which will always be included in the list of the most visited cities in the world, Mecca, this year there will be 9.73 million guests

12. Not only Pattaya, Phuket also gets 10.08 million foreign tourists visiting

11. The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is on the list of the most visited cities with a total of 10.13 million international travelers!

10. Antalya in Turkey is one of the top 10 cities visited by tourists with 11.27 million visitors

9. Megapolitan in Asia that is so crowded, Tokyo, is one of the cities with the most visitors in the world. This Japanese capital is visited by 12.12 million tourists!

8. Again, Turkey is ranked 8th with the most popular city in the country, Istanbul. This historic city received a visit of 12.8 million visitors

7. The capital of a neighboring country, Kuala Lumpur, is ranked as the 7th most visited city in the world. The city, which is only a 2-hour flight from Jakarta, brings 13.53 tourists this year.

6. New York City in the United States is visited by 13.67 international tourists

5. The background city of the film Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore, was visited by 14.47 foreign tourists this year

4. The most glamorous city in the world, Dubai, has been visited by 16.66 million international tourists. Dubai can indeed be called the city of all nations

3. The romantic city, Paris, gets 3rd place as the most visited city. The French capital received a visit of 17.95 million international tourists

2. London in the UK is visited by 20.42 million tourists, a number that is far greater than its own population

1. Bangkok is the most visited city in 2018. The number of tourists who come here is 21.98 million people. Incredible indeed Thailand, there are 3 destinations included in this list, namely Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok!

Singapore, Malaysia, and even Thailand dominate the list of world tourist destinations so that it is visited by many tourists. Indonesia should have to develop other destinations, not just Bali to be able to catch up. Okay, from 20 cities, how many cities have you visited?

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