Success Story Lizzie Parra, BLP Cosmetic Product Owner Formerly an Office Worker
08 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 404
Success Story Lizzie Parra, BLP Cosmetic Product Owner Formerly an Office Worker The cosmetics industry is one of the fastest growing businesses. Until now, the cosmetic label available on the market is almost no longer counted. Not only beauty companies, many celebrities are involved in the cosmetics business and are ready to compete in the Indonesian market.

Of the many local cosmetic brands in circulation, BLP Beauty is one that has successfully attracted the interest of beauty enthusiasts. The name Lizzie Parra is the figure behind the success of the brand. Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with the name Lizzie Parra. Well, this time Success Hipwee will invite you to get acquainted with beautiful and talented girls who can really be used as inspiration for their football. Especially for those of you who love the world of beauty and makeup. Come on, look!

1. Lizzie Parra's love of fashion and beauty began with drawing instincts. This girl is originally tomboy but really likes art.

During school, the owner of the full name Elizabeth Christina Parameswari is known as a tomboy girl, does not like complicated, let alone makeup. However, Ichil, as he is usually called, likes things that are art, especially drawing and coloring. His interest in the new fashion and beauty world emerged during the lecture period. Because the focus of learning is the fashion model business, Ichil and his friends carry a beauty class project. From there, Ichil began to like experimenting with makeup, capitalizing on his ability to draw.

2. Graduating as a business graduate, Ichil was able to work in one of the multinational companies engaged in fashion and beauty.

Ichil's path in the world of beauty is more open as he graduated from college. Secretly, the campus sent its CV to one of the multinational companies engaged in fashion and beauty. Ichil also passed as one of the Management Trainees from 22 people who registered. This is where Ichil's love for the world of beauty is increasingly fostered and makes him increasingly find his passion as MUA. This two-year career journey brought Ichil to the position of Junior Manager and is trusted to hold the Yves Saint Laurent brand, one of the subsidiaries of L Oreal.

3. Not satisfied enough, Ichil ventured to leave his career as a Junior Manager and pursue his dream to become MUA

For 2.5 years working behind the desk apparently didn't make Ichil forget his passion. He feels able to contribute more to the people around him, not just colleagues. Finally, in 2011, Ichil decided to get out of his comfort zone as a career woman and pursue her dream as a MUA. Ichil admitted, the first three months became the toughest test, because he no longer got a fixed salary. Ichil began guerrilla networks and made his debut as MUA from magazine to magazine. Then slowly he began to get an offer for bridal makeup even though it must be underestimated by the Manten shaman. The makeup style itself is much influenced by western styles that are not too heavy and stressful.

4. In order to expand his networking wings, Ichil started to create a blog as a portfolio and build his brand from there

Before debuting as MUA, Ichil not only made use of the connections obtained from his old job, but also made portfolios through blogs. Ichil began designing brands to be more catchy and easy to remember. Finally, he decided to branding himself as Lizzie Parra, taken from his first and last name. Ichil fills her blog with photos, magazine information, and anyone who has worked with her. In addition, he also continues to hone his makeup skills and apply the knowledge he got on his business campus first.

5. From MUA, Lizzie expanded into a beauty blogger, vlogger and influencer

Initially, Ichil made a blog for the sake of the makeup-only portfolio, but more and more people were asking about beauty product recommendations and how to use them. From there, Ichil began to share information and tips about makeup, ranging from beauty product reviews to makeup tutorials. Ichil feels like she is writing her daily life. When he saw a big response, he was challenged to keep updating his blog and start sharing simple makeup tutorials on the YouTube channel, also building a website of his.

6. Thanks to his perseverance, the name Lizzie Parra is increasingly known by many people. Starting from the ordinary to famous celebrities

After more than two years of pursuing the world of makeup, the name Lizzie Parra began to be known by many people. In an instant, he was flooded with various beauty projects. Ranging from beauty media, advertisements, makeup to marriage, to makeup artists. His clients also varied, ranging from ordinary women to international models and celebrities. His blog is also in demand. Ichil is even more known as one of the influential Indonesian female bloggers because it is able to inspire many people.

7. The challenge that arises then is to build beauty products with their own brands. And Ichil welcomed him!

Being a MUA, beauty blogger, beauty vlogger, and influencers doesn't make Ichil feel complacent. He wants to continue to develop the talents he has in order to contribute and be an inspiration to many people. The big dream is to make your own makeup products. In 2015, he started making business plans and financial planning with the help of his closest friends. Initially, Ichil had a concern because of his minimal capital. But he never got discouraged until he finally created a cosmetic product with the BLP label aka By Lizzie Parra in June 2016 and has a lot of fans to date.

Struggling to build a business is certainly not as easy as turning your palm. Ichil also admitted, he experienced a ups and downs in building his business, the first months were the hardest test. But two things are the key to the success of Lizzie Parra, namely portfolio and connection. Both of these things must be carried out in tandem until what he dreams of is realized. In the future, Lizzie will continue to be consistent in releasing cosmetic products. And most importantly, he is committed to always sharing and inspiring others so they are not afraid to get out of the comfort zone in order to pursue the desired dream. Hopefully you can be as brave as Lizzie Parra, huh!


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