Studying the Action of Escape the Corset , the Girl s Protest Movement in Korea that Destroys Make-up and Cut the Extreme Hair
16 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 760
Studying the Action of Escape the Corset , the Girl s Protest Movement in Korea that Destroys Make-up and Cut the Extreme Hair

Beautiful is a very relative thing, especially in the modern era like now. The definition of beautiful is increasingly diverse and very much depends on the comfort of the owner's face and body itself. Speaking of beautiful, like it or not, it is also sometimes not separated from the 'combat equipment' mainstay of each person, such as skin care to all kinds of cosmetic pioneering to dress up as needed. Well, but what happens if your environment is still confined to that beautiful understanding with the face, there must be a makeup full of makeup or a perfect face that is smooth and flawless clear?

In the midst of the kingdom of cosmetics and facial care in South Korea, a number of women there were viral because they recorded extreme actions and uploaded quite astonishing and controversial things to social media. In the upload, a woman seemed to crush her cosmetics collection vigorously. Before hurrying to label the girl not grateful and having to donate all of her cosmetic tools, it's a good idea to check out the Hipwee Style review this time. The message is really hit!

Got viral some time ago in South Korea, the video containing women who were destroying their make-up equipment turned out not to do it just for fun. Look this post on Instagram

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Not just making content for fun, a number of women in Korea decided to record their actions when they destroyed their cosmetics as a form of protest against the standard of beauty in Korea which was increasingly crazed. Reporting from the SBS News upload video, the campaign movement called 'Escape the Corset' is referred to as a form of protest movement for women in South Korea who are too tired to follow the various beauty trends that are glorified in the country and encourage more women to know what they want. If someone feels comfortable with make-up, please. If not, there is no need for pressure from the public to appear with make-up when women don't want to do it. Besides protesting the increasingly craze of beauty standards in the country of ginseng, these women also complained about the amount of budget and time taken only to meet the expectations of 'beautiful' in make-upSee this post on Instagram

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In order to meet the expectations of people who think that girls are prettier when appearing fresh with powder, blush on and lipstick, many women have to allocate large amounts of funds to buy cosmetic equipment that is increasingly diverse and usually priced at a fair price if they want good quality. Not only that, the women who neutralized the 'Escape the Corset' campaign also expressed their fatigue because 'forced' had to spend hours each morning dressing up and erasing it again at the end of the day after work. Tiring indeed Not without reason this movement was made. The women who protested felt too burdened by patriarchal societies in their country that demanded that women always look perfect. See this post on Instagram

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For those who have never experienced intense competition in terms of appearance especially among women, it might be easy to ignore the beauty standards that apply in our country. But in Korea, appearance is one of the main aspects that determine whether you deserve respect or not. Especially in the world of work, where neat appearance is often considered to be directly proportional to professionalism. This is the objection of many women who later finally roll out uploading a video of 'destruction' of make-up tools, videos on the removal of make-up until they trim their hair to extremes!

Not only destroys make -up, many of you cut your hair short and decided to go to work without make-up polish See this post on Instagram

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Spending about 40 minutes to 2 hours per day to dress up makes many women who protest the beauty standards in Korea feel tired and disgusted to the point of taking it like slavery, as reported by the Guardian page. Not that they are anti-make-up. But making make-up for the sake of respect, being considered 'decent' and meeting people's expectations of a woman's figure is tiring, because there seems to be no choice. Even though there are days when you are even too lazy and tired to make up or do those 10 super-beautiful Korean beauty steps? Mentioned as a feminist movement, there are also many women who consider this extreme action not just a matter of feminism, but rather to change the mindset of society in looking at women with or without make-up that does not affect one's intellect.

Last April, a TV presenter became a sensation just because he decided to wear glasses instead of contact lenses. Duh, even though this is really normal,

As reported by the page of The Korea Herald, MBC TV presenter at prime time had a sensation of appearing on a glass screen using glasses. Doi is said to be the first woman in Korea to dare to wear glasses on a glass screen, even though, male readers are often seen wearing glasses without reaping any comments. His courage was viral and many warganet praise. In an interview, Doi revealed the reason was comfort, which was far more important than appearance. Hmm, agree with this!

Apart from the fairly extreme feminist movement, as a country with a large and wide cosmetics market, South Korea is said to have a standard that sometimes likes the beauty of beauty. No wonder, even various kinds of skin care trends are now many oriented from Korea. Yes, taking care of yourself and wearing make-up if you really want it is not a sin. Only if you feel burdened by the standards in your environment, that can make the situation difficult. The question of being beautiful in what way, let the girls just decide. The important thing is that those who have a body feel comfortable and happy with their circumstances. Well, what do you think of yourself?

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