Sontek 12 Cute Fashion Style Ala Selebgram and Beauty Vlogger Sari Endah Pratiwi saritiw Here Come
03 Oktober 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 283
Sontek 12 Cute Fashion Style Ala Selebgram and Beauty Vlogger Sari Endah Pratiwi saritiw Here Come Being beautiful all the time without being seen as excessive is the dream of many Eve. It is an open secret that every Eve usually wants to look neat, attractive without looking overbearing. Well, friends who wear hijab can still look neat and beautiful without being excessive, like the sweet program, Sari Endah Pratiwi. Besides actively uploading a variety of simple hijab tutorials but still being addicted to his Youtube channel accounts that have more than 500,000 subscribers, doi also often share #OOTD and his daily activities through his Instagram account which already has 684,000 more followers.

Now, for friends of hijabers who want to look cute and youthful, you can see this feminine and simple style ala Sari Endah Pratiwi. It's not adventurous, the fashion and style that it displays can be really for you to try, especially for those of you who like soft pastel colors. What is Sari's everyday appearance, which is comfortable but also instagramable chic? Let's see the following review, who knows it could be an inspiration for those of you who want to look younger than you really are, hehe.

1. Want to look fresh in the moss green hijab? Can you try mixing it with clothes with leaf motifs like this

2. At first glance Sari Endah Pratiwi looks like she still has a dozen years in this photo? Maybe because oversized t-shirts are stacked with long-sleeved shirts with motifs of these lines

3. Pair pastel colors with sweet and calm white subordinates like this. Still looks elegant but youthful

4. Interested in trying with pink monochrome pastels from head to toe like Sari Endah Pratiwi? Very cute

5. Try denim overalls with plaid motifs like this, bro! The most beautiful paired with a plain white shirt that is chic like this

6. Look casual with mint and gray colors like Sari Endah Pratiwi, please! Add cute ornaments with a sprinkling of pearls on a sweatshirt that looks really comfy

7. Want to appear formal but still attractive? Maybe you will be interested in trying to blend a pink fashion tunic with a white trouser subordinate like this. Even though it is plain, the accent on the part of the hand makes it look sweet

8. Who said wearing white and boring clothes and just making a wedding? You can, as long as the model is as cute as off shoulder dress with lace accents like this!

9. The combination of white and pink is a color that will never be wrong for you to try. Super nervous!

10. Need party clothes that are sweet and contemporary? Try sontek dress off sbhoulder pastel pink with matching hijab colors. Cute overload!

11. Want to hang out with friends in a cute cafe? You can be stylish with a pastel-colored top like this combined with plain white pants

12. This elegant white Cape dress will still make you look young. Sweet, beautiful and feminine

13. These brown colors will make you sweet as real chocolate. Especially combined with white pants. Does it look more kawaii or not?

Well, if you like which style you like the most, Guys? To be sure, make sure the clothes you wear are comfortable and in accordance with the event that you are going to attend, so you don't become saltum and even uncomfortable. Hopefully this time the Hipwee Style review is useful!

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