Simple Easy to Make 5 All-round Taro Drinks Kayak Gini. Not Patient Want to taste
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Simple Easy to Make 5 All-round Taro Drinks Kayak Gini. Not Patient Want to taste If you ever see a drink that is purple in color, available in cafes or fresh drink outlets, it could be a drink made from taro. Many think that the taro is purple sweet potato. Even though it's not lo!

Taro is a purple tuber or taro root that grows in parts of southern India and southern Asia, including Indonesia. It tastes sweet like a potato, there is a little nut and vanilla flavor. The aroma is also distinctive and fragrant, so it is often used to taste food or drinks.

Well, this time Hipwee Tips wants to invite you to make processed Taro powder that can be found in the market to be a variety of fresh drinks. See, let's go!

1. Taro Bubble Tea is the most popular taro drink variant. You can add a bubble for chewing while looking beautiful

The ingredients: 3 tablespoons of taro powder, dissolve with warm water 150 ml of water from the tea tbsp creamer 2 tablespoons of liquid sugar Ice cubes to taste to taste Add enough

How to make it: Add taro powder tea water, creamer, liquid sugar, and ice cubes to the shaker. Then shake until the ice dissolves. Pour into a serving glass that has been given a bubble. Serve it.


2. If you don't like tea, you can use taro powder with fresh cow's milk to make Taro Fresh Milk

The ingredients: 2 tablespoons taro powder 1 cup pure cow's milk 2 tablespoons liquid sugar Ice cubes to taste

How to make it: Dissolve the taro powder with liquid sugar, add a little warm water and mix well. Prepare pure milk in a serving glass, add ice cubes, then pour the liquid sugar mixed with taro powder. Serve it.


3. Bored with cold brew, try making Taro Puff Ice which is more relaxed sweetness than ice head hits before, ehehe

The ingredients: 3 tablespoons of dissolved taro powder 1 sachet of sweetened condensed milk white Water enough to taste Drawstring sufficiently Topping according to taste

How to make it: Combine taro powder, sweetened condensed milk, and enough water, stir until smooth. Print shaved ice with a bowl, then place it on a serving plate. Pour the taro mixture on shaved ice and sprinkle with topping. Serve it


4. So that it can be stored longer in the refrigerator, you can also use taro powder to become Taro lo!

Ingredients: 200 grams of taro 250 ml milk milk 5 tablespoons sugar 500 ml whipped cream 150 ml of white sweetened condensed milk

How to make it: Add the taro powder, sugar, and milk into the blender. Blend. Beat the cream until thick, add sweetened condensed milk and taro mixture, mix well. Pour in a baking sheet and put in the refrigerator until frozen.


5. Want a more complex taste, add the Oreo in the mixture to Ice Blend Taro Oreo

The ingredients: 3 tablespoons taro powder 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon creamer 3 pieces of OreoEs stone to taste

How to make it really easy. You just put all the ingredients and blender until smooth. Then pour in a serving glass. Decorate with Oreo chips on it.


Drinks made with taro powder are really easy, right? At most you just need to work on the extra taste, if you like tea using tea, if you like coffee add coffee, or you can also add other ingredients such as cheese or chocolate as you like. So don't have to buy it in a cafe, right?

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