Sensation of Vacationing to a Temple with an Air Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar. Feel Magical and Romantic
28 September 2018 Dinilint Travel 166
Sensation of Vacationing to a Temple with an Air Balloon in Bagan, Myanmar. Feel Magical and Romantic When I told friends that I was going to go to Myanmar, most of them responded with the question, "What's wrong in Myanmar?" In fact there are others who respond by saying, "Where is Myanmar?" Duh. Don't you also know Myanmar? I give you a little. Myanmar entered into ASEAN countries, still neighboring Indonesia. Tickets to Myanmar are quite cheap and one more important, a trip to Myanmar which was formerly called Burma is visa-free. So just come in.

In Myanmar there is a small town called Bagan. This chart is like an ancient city that still exists in modern times like now. To reach Bagan, you can fly directly to Nyang-U Airport in Bagan or you can also take a bus from Yangon, Mandalay or Inle Lake. If I choose to take a night bus from Yangon that takes around 7-8 hours. This chart is so special. Here, I tell you the thrill of vacationing there.

If you like to see hot air balloons in Cappocadia Turkey and are amazed by Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan is a combination of these two cities. It's beautiful.

Chart is so special. Once into Bagan City, as long as the eye can see I always see temples and pagodas everywhere. Unlike the temples in Java, the temples in Bagan tend to be brick red. There are also several temples that are white, but there are also temples that are golden. If you come to Bagan in October - May you will see hundreds of hot air balloons hovering above Bagan City. Epic.

Chart is an obligatory city to visit in Myanmar. It's not around Myanmar it's not, but Chart is mandatory!

For me to go to Chart is a must. For foreign tourists are required to pay around 25,000 kyat or 20 USD. This is the entrance fee to visit Bagan City. Bagan city entrance ticket is valid for 3 days. Pay this to see thousands of temples and pagodas in one ancient city is worthed the money. After all, if you replace Starbucks coffee, you can only get 3-4 glasses.

Chart is an ancient city that still exists in the modern world. Come to Chart like entering the time machine.

It is said that there are about a thousand temples and pagodas scattered in Bagan. Unfortunately there are already some temples damaged by the earthquake. Even so, there are still many temples in the city of Bagan and are very beautiful. Coming to Chart feels like entering a time machine and being thrown into the past. It's really fun!

Chart indeed consists of thousands of temples. But if you only have a limited time, just come to the 7 temples and pagodas must come.

The chart has thousands of temples and pagodas. Thousands of temples and pagodas cannot be visited one by one, especially if you only have a limited amount of time. I have a list of large temples that must be visited. Ananda Temple, which is said to be the prettiest temple in Bagan, Busaha Pagoda which stands right on the edge of the river, Dhammayangyi Temple which is the largest temple in Bagan, the magnificent Shwesandaw Pagoda, the Shwezigon Pagoda that has a combination of gold and white, the beautiful Sulamani Temple, and the Temple Thatbyinnyu which is the highest temple in Bagan. Just come to the temples, it's quite representative.

You can come to Bagan in September - May to get the best weather. It's really bright there

I have 2 full days to go around Bagan. I came to Bagan in September. At that time the weather was very friendly. The temperature in the morning is around 24 degrees Celsius while the daytime temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. I also had a little drizzle. The weather was already the most suitable for me. In the chart a lot of wind blows so it's not too hot. The fun is that Bagan people love to eat watermelon. When eating in a restaurant, I always get watermelon bonuses to finish eating.

The best way to get around Bagan City is to take an e-bike. This electric bicycle is not noisy and the road is selow.

One of the excitement while in Bagan is being able to travel around the city using e-bike. This e-bike is a kind of electric bicycle. The driving method is similar to driving a matic motorbike, but the difference between this e-bike is not noisy. The maximum speed is only 54 km / hour. Very suitable for a leisurely walk around Bagan City.

Millions of people from all over the world are willing to get up early to enjoy Sunrise in Bagan. The sunset is no less epic.

It is said that in the past, there were many rich people in Bagan. Every rich person competes to make temples for worship. As a result, there are many temples that still exist today. Even some temples are still used to worship today. Seeing hundreds of temples and pagodas at sunrise and sunset like entering the cinema layer when watching a colossal movie. Epic.

The chart deserves to be included in the wishlist of your next destination. If there is a chance I would be willing to come back to Bagan, get up early to catch sunrise, and sit back on the roof one of the secret temples to enjoy the sunset. Do you want to also not catch sunrise & sunset in Bagan? Let's take a vacation there.

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