Semarang Old City Festival. Culinary Events, Music, Film and Fashion Combined with Old Buildings
27 September 2018 Dinilint Travel 349
Semarang Old City Festival. Culinary Events, Music, Film and Fashion Combined with Old Buildings

Be aware that there are many festivals held in various places in Indonesia in recent years. These festivals are held to introduce the characteristics of the area. Tourists also tend to be more interested in coming to a tourist place or city if there is a festival. You're not included too?

Semarang's Old City Festival is one of the many festivals in Indonesia. Similar to its name, the Old City Festival is held in the Old City of Semarang. The Old City itself has just received the title of a UNESCO Heritage Site which means the Old City site is a world heritage. The Old City consists of 90% of old Dutch colonial buildings. What's the difference between coming to the Old City when there are no festivals and during festivals? This time Hipwee would like to give a reportage about the Semarang Old City Festival which took place on 22-24 September 2018 yesterday. Let's look at the review!

Not far from the main stage, there is a special booth to study the history of the Old City. There are lots of pictures and mockups to add insight into Semarang.

Near the main stage, there is a special booth that tells about the city of Semarang and the cultural acculturation in the city. The design is interesting and full of pictures and there is a simple model about Semarang, so you don't need to bother reading a lot of writing. Not only are you happy, but you can also educate there.

There are a lot of old school foods that are not necessarily made if there is no festival. Satisfied with the culinary try, the taste is rather difficult.

At the Old City Festival you can find Semarangan typical old school food. There is a double rail, a kind of dark bread with a dense texture and a very sweet taste that only exists in Semarang. This bread is baked using an old-fashioned grill. There is also Arabic coffee, which is coffee mixed with spices. This coffee is made by ethnic Arabs as a remedy for homesickness. It is said that if you drink arabic body coffee it will feel warm because there are spices in it. In addition there are also plenet bananas, poffertjies (Dutch menu but it is the favorite food of Semarang people), homemade ice cream made with old school recipes, and many more.

Overnight music until music Jazz and pop. The art performances on the main stage are not just old ones.

The Old City Festival opens with an all-night puppet show aka wayang. Wayangan is a Javanese tradition that is usually carried out in order to be grateful for an event in life. The next day the main stage which was used for wayangan, was used for jazz music performances. Jazz and Semarang seem to have their own attachments, because every year there are always jazz performances at the Semarang Old City Festival. Jazz musicians such as Niel Djuliarso, Indro Hardjodikoro, and Tohpati show skill on this stage. The last day was closed with an exciting Ten2Five performance. Every night the stage is never empty of viewers.

Males are crowded and waiting to eat or stand watching music shows. Sitting sweet while watching selected films that have never aired in theaters.

For those who do not like the crowd, prefer to sit around casually, can choose to watching a movie show. The films shown here are alternative films that are not shown in theaters. The films are films of the nation's children. The theme of the screening at the 2018 Old City Festival is called Kolaborasinema. The Kolaborasinema theme was raised because it was almost impossible to work on films without collaboration. This event was called in collaboration with one of the film lovers community in Semarang, Sineroom. Besides watching movies, there are also discussions about films, discussions with filmmakers, and giving awards.

Modern fashion shows with Semarangan batik cloth and use batik as a whole cloth. Everything at this festival

Semarang has Semarangan-style batik. To introduce semarangan batik, there is a fashion show. Batik which is a cultural heritage is made into modern clothes that keep up with fashion. There is also the Diajeng Community which makes Batik Jembrengan events. The Diajeng community prefers to use batik as a whole cloth and they are busy using batik cloth at the Old City Festival.

To the Old City without photographs like eating vegetables without salt. There is also an opportunity to take part in the Photo Rally if there is a festival.

A photogenic Old Town is always interesting to be used as a photo object. Especially when there is a festival, besides the old buildings being more beautiful, there are many people who come there who can become objects. Therefore, a Photo Rally was held at the Semarang City Old Festival. Participants are competing to capture moments through lens shots in the Old City of Semarang.

Don't forget you can explore the Old City. Around the Old City and its surroundings while listening to the story with Exciting Walking Tour.

I think this is the most exciting activity that can be done at the Semarang Old Festival, along with walking tour with rejoicing Walking tour. By taking this walking tour, we are invited to take a leisurely stroll along every corner of the Old City of Semarang while listening to the history of these old buildings. The route is not only in the Old City, but up to densely populated villages around the old Kota area and Semarang Chinatown aka Chinatown. Although you have to walk about 3 km, but satisfied.

The Old City Festival is an annual agenda in Semarang. If this year can't go along, maybe you can join next year, most likely in September. Every year the excitement also varies. Hopefully next year is more exciting. It is said that the story of the Semarang City Government is to renovate the area in the Old City of Semarang, the road is smoothed and plans to put electrical wires into the ground. Wow, it's more photogenic, Old City. Next year don't miss it!

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