Self-reflection can begin by changing these 6 habits. Let your personality be good again
12 September 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 126
Self-reflection can begin by changing these 6 habits. Let your personality be good again You must have felt that the name lost the direction of life. The causes vary; starting from failure to achieve something, prolonged laziness, to breaking up. Not only you, all humans have experienced phases like this in their lives - maybe even more than once.

Losing the direction of life should not be left for a long time because it has the potential to cause a worse impact, for example depression. Back up and start living passionately is your only choice. Indeed, it's not easy to shake your head when you listen to dangdut music, but try to start with self-reflection. Be aware of yourself, identify what is wrong with yourself and slowly find a solution.

1. The habit of procrastinating must be changed, because it can hinder your efforts to realize the dream

It may be that your habit of procrastinating work is the reason why your desires and ideals have not been achieved until now. Actually you have the potential, ranging from self-talent and other supporting aspects, but because you often postpone success, it doesn't work.

A lot of time is wasted because you like to delay, usually because of your lazy attitude that is constantly maintained. Now from now on, learn to exert yourself more when your laziness appears again.

2. Reduce your old-fashioned attitude or close yourself, sometimes other people's opinions you need to help you get out of all this deadlock

Do not want to listen to other people can also be the reason why you continue to fail, both ideals and romance. Indeed, believing in the ability of self is legitimate and sometimes it is needed, but it does not mean that the judgment of others is not important.

You still need to listen to the opinions of others in life because you don't know everything in this world. Therefore you need to listen to other people to complete your knowledge.

3. Change old habits and don't hesitate trying new methods. Don't be lazy to learn something that you don't know yet

Regarding reaching goals, sometimes people forget to use a new try because they are too sure of the old one. For those of you who are still, try to think why until now you haven't succeeded in using the method you believe in? Yep, this may be the cause. Life that is constantly evolving, may be the time for you to use a new method, which you have never used before.

4. Stop cursing yourself for the mistakes you\ve made in the past. Start by forgiving yourself by making it a lesson

Whatever the context, whether ideals, life deadlock, or romance, you must be able to make peace with your past. The shadow of mistakes and failures in the past may be your obstacle to progress. Everything has happened, lamenting the past won't change anything. The wise step that you should do is to let it pass and make it a life lesson to deopan.

5. Change your sordid habits that pay little attention to room cleanliness. The new atmosphere supports change so you are comfortable working

Tidying up the room is a trivial thing but it has an effect on your intention to rise from adversity. Try reviewing again, maybe all your deadlock has been sourced from your room that is not comfortable as a place to work. Or maybe your lazy clean-up is the reason why he left you.

Tidying up the rooms not only makes it comfortable for work, more than that can provide a new atmosphere that might stimulate you to be more optimistic in looking at life.

6. Because everything needs a process, then change your mindset that always wants to succeed quickly. Remember, instant noodles need to be cooked first before being eaten

After everything is done, don't forget to be patient waiting for the results. Do not rush to see your business work because there is no instant in this life. You just need to be patient waiting for the results of your changes.

Remember, you can plan, but God determines. Don't too expect to do something because sometimes this is what makes you disappointed. Just do everything with full sincerity and sincerity.

Those are some things that you can change when you are reflecting yourself. You don't need to worry and be afraid when experiencing a deadlock like this. This is a natural thing and everyone has felt it. All you need to do is reflect yourself and get up from your current condition below.

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