Sekaten Night Market in Jogja Opened Tonight. Come and Invite Couples Here
04 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 174
Sekaten Night Market in Jogja Opened Tonight. Come and Invite Couples Here The Sekaten Celebration Night Market (PMPS) will open today, Friday, November 2, 2018. The public market event held every year is always awaited by the people of Jogja and its surroundings. Not much different from the previous years, this time Sekaten still carried the same program as the previous years. There are arts events, night markets, attractions, rides, and culinary tours. Have you ever been there?

While the rainy season hasn't arrived yet, let's stop by the Sekaten Celebration Night Market which will be held at the North Square of Jogja. Invite your friends or partner there. Hehehe.

For residents of Jogja and its surroundings, Sekaten Celebration Night Market (PMPS) has always been a long-awaited event. In addition to many game rides, many cheap items are sold there.

Sekaten Night Market is a tradition that is held every year before Maulid which takes place in the North Square of Jogja City. Historically, this Sekaten was held to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. In terms of terms, Sekaten comes from the word 'Shahadatain' which means two sentences of creed. Javanese tongue makes it called Sekaten. It is said that this tradition dates back to the Demak Sultanate and is still taking place in the Yogyakarta Palace until now.

Later, the concept of Sekaten became like a people's market where many goods were traded and there were also entertainment events. This once a year celebration is indeed very interesting because it presents items ranging from clothes, crafts, toys, or daily necessities at very affordable prices. Besides that there are many unique and exciting rides. For those of you who are on vacation in Jogja, you should stop by Sekaten.

There are many game rides that you can try. Starting from the haunted house to Banyu Waves

There are many rides at the Sekaten Celebration Night Market. You can start with the Ferris wheel, tong stand (read the demon vat), the ghost house that haunts really vows, the waves of Banyu that make me excited and entertained by the action of the jumpers, so that the kora-kora are really scary because there is no safety. The vehicle is always flooded with visitors throughout the implementation of Sekaten. The price is cheap but still exciting. Unfortunately, only one, almost all of the rides in Sekaten have no safety, especially the Banyu and Kora-kora waves. So it's pretty dangerous and adrenaline.

In addition to games, there are also awul-awul, namely imported clothes, but they are no longer new or used. But make no mistake, the quality is still good and the price is not cheap. You can get clothes, shirts, jackets, trouser suits, etc. starting from the price of 5 thousands. Do not be surprised if you can import jackets priced at 12 thousand, 10 thousand jeans or shirts at a price of 6 thousand. The cheapness is cheap, the reflection just keeps on going 'start-up'.

Unfortunately, the Sekaten Celebration Night Market is shorter this time than in previous years. If it used to be, it's usually more than a month, but this time it's less than 3 weeks.

The implementation of Sekaten this year is shorter than in previous years. The back years can be around 30-40 days, but this time it's only 18 days. Sekaten will start today, November 2, and will end on November 19. Even so, the booths of traders have been open since the last week.

Grebeg Maulud will be the closing of this event at the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet. Later there will be mountains containing food that the citizens are fighting for. Grebeg Maulud is a tourist attraction that you should not miss.

For those of you who miss Sekaten and want to enjoy the exciting atmosphere, let's immediately order a ticket to Jogja. Uh, those of you who used to go to college or live in Jogja, come back for a moment to reminisce at the night market that you must have visited with. Duh, how come it's become a baper.

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