Releasing the Beauty of 12 Celebrities and Instagram Darling Shown in a Korean-style Hanbok Wrap. You must be Mupeng too
26 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Style 326
Releasing the Beauty of 12 Celebrities and Instagram Darling Shown in a Korean-style Hanbok Wrap. You must be Mupeng too Who doesn't want to go to South Korea? In addition to having lots of exciting shopping locations and tempting culinary options, Korea also has many walking locations and very nice and Instagramable photos. One tourist attraction that is almost never overlooked by tourists is Bukchon Village, the 'traditional Korean' village and Gyeongbokgung in Seoul that presents typical Korean sights in the past.

Fun, in these two small locations you can find a lot of hanbok rentals, traditional women's clothing in Korea. Not just any hanbok, many rental places that provide hanbok costumes complete with accessories from head to toe, with a choice of beautiful colors and motifs. No wonder there are many artists and programmers who don't want to waste appearing like Korean princesses in this Hanbok dress For those of you who plan to visit Korea someday, take a look at the public figures who appear in the following beautiful hanbok. Yes, make your reference someday, hehe

1. Selebgram Hamidah Rachmayanti once captured her moment at Gyeongbokgung in an elegant white hanbok. Really bad, right? 2. In a hanbok with a combination of floral-patterned beige and a peach pile skirt, Indah Nada Puspita looks so beautiful. The hijab is similar to the hanbok skirt. Unch! 3. The beautiful actress, Shandy Aulia, did not want to miss wearing an emerald and cream green hanbok while traveling to Korea. Maximum sweetness! Not enough, Shandy even wore a hanbok with different colors and styles to pose at Gyeongbokgung Palace. The beauty is still maximal

5. Influencer hits @lucedaleco aka Claradevi did not miss also uploading a photo when playing to the country of ginseng with his friends. In pastel hanbok with gloomy photo tone, Clara looks very chic! 6. Natasha Rizky has become one of the celebrities posing in hanbok with shades of white and purple. Complete with a headdress too, just like that! Not to forget, Dinda Kirana also posed in a Korean hanbok. Combined with sneakers so that it still looks casual, hehe8. Posing under a tree with pink flowers, Citra Kirana looks like a king's daughter in a matching color hanbok. Duh, really beautiful

9. Isyana Sarasvati also captured the moment while posing in hanbok. This time the color is bold and bold, which is black and maroon that looks elegant and elegant 10. Pevita Pearce once posed in hanbok with beautiful neon colors, namely turquoise blue and bright pink. With hair braided and given an accessory, Pevita sided like a Korean teenager in the past. Tyas Mirasih does not want to miss, posing in an elegant, elegant Korean royal black and red shirt. Also complete with a beautiful headdress12. Rossa tea looks really young in hanbok bandage with shades of white and pink. Beautiful right?

13. The former soap opera player Eneng and Magic T-Shirt were also seen uploading photos several times while wearing hanbok in Korea. Sweet and really beautiful!

If you like it, which one do you like the most? Don't forget, if you play in Korea, use hanbok and photos at Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Village that are old-fashioned like them. When will it be, in Indonesia if you want to play in Borobudur or Prambanan, are you offered to rent traditional clothes? Hehehe.

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