Read This When You Are Suffered by Sadness and Vacuum, Even though You Don t Know the Cause
24 November 2018 Adisty_Riska Motivation 314
Read This When You Are Suffered by Sadness and Vacuum, Even though You Don t Know the Cause

There will definitely be times when you just want to feel alone. There will be times when you feel that your life is no longer meaningful. There will be times when you are reluctant to socialize, calm down while enjoying loneliness. There will definitely be a day when you no longer feel that the sky is blue, but gray, like you feel. Indeed, guys.

Sometimes there will be times when we feel that what's in our lives is a mistake. There will be a phase where you feel that you don't need friends, don't need someone's presence, or even a family and you begin to feel hating your own life for no apparent reason.

Even on the same side, you feel that life is heavy. It feels very hard if you feel you should always try alone. Sometimes, it's true that this life feels heavy, even difficult, more than what we imagined.

And even if you never thought that life could treat you like this. When viewed from the outside, people will judge you that you are fine, but inside? Inside, you feel that you don't find any happiness in it.

You think and keep thinking. What is wrong? Why is it like this? What should I do? And, what should I do? Indeed, even if you look for answers to these questions, you don't get answers to your questions. Guys, we might all have experienced this phase. And when you are in this phase, you must read the things below, and ponder them.

1. When you feel sad and empty without knowing the cause, you can't explain it in words

Maybe you are in a tired phase. Yes, tired in living your life. Maybe this feeling is a feeling that often comes to you suddenly, but let it be. Even though you are hit by turmoil, you never give up. You may feel tired, bored, and sad. But keep it until you give up.

Maybe there isn't much you can do right now. But at least start with breathing first. Take a deep breath, let go. Let go of everything that is a burden on your mind and your expectations that you carry. Maybe your goal today is just to breathe and survive. It's okay, that's not a bad thing either.

2. Maybe you feel that you can't be repaired. Believe me, you are strong and will definitely come back!

Every day you are still here, you are still given the opportunity to strengthen yourself again and again. Believe me, that you are not a totally damaged person. You only suffered injuries. Wounds that you saved and hid yourself.

Nothing lasts forever in this world, even if it's your wound. And even though it's your feeling of sadness and restlessness, too. So for you, be patient a little, wait for a while, the days that you think will hurt you will leave you.

Believe me, you will improve. You will find things that make you happy and smile again. You will meet people who can make you smile again. And you will go to places that make you amazed at this world. Believe me, you are strong. And I believe that you are a person and a very strong figure. Remember, that sad doesn't mean you're weak!

3. Just admit that you are really sad. After all, sadness does not mean you are defeated or weak.

Never even think, that sadly you become a weak person, becoming a defeated figure. Know that feeling sad is something normal. Everyone will experience this time in his life. Let yourself feel what you have to feel. It's okay if we feel down, it's okay if we are wrong. And it's okay if we feel sad today, really it's really okay.

Accept your feelings of sadness and risk right now. But know, that they also have visiting hours. They will not stay forever. Know if you have the power to determine your own destiny. You are indeed in a state of sadness, but that does not mean that you choose to stop fighting.

This world is full of surprises, no one can guess it. Sometimes we feel sad and worried for something we don't know the reason for. for you, if indeed such feelings are coming to you, let him come. Because you know that you are a person who is strong enough and strong enough to handle it. Take it easy, you can do it. And I believe you can.

4. Stepping with small things

And when you are ready to step out of your sadness, you can start with your first steps with small things. Or maybe by looking for small beauties around you. Little things around you might be simple, but believe it or not I believe that you will smile and be grateful for it.

5. For me, you are perfect as they are. Whatever your situation is now

And when you start feeling ready to step out of that sadness, you can start slowly but surely. And you must know that you are meaningful and valuable. No one can be you but you.

You are still in the process. Process from a growing period, a period of study, and I'm sure that you have the potential to become a great person someday. For me, you are perfect as you are, so accept the advice and input from me for you.

Breathe, you will be fine. I believe that you can get through this. From me who has fallen repeatedly and made it through this period.

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