Ratenggaro Traditional Village, the Most Beautiful Village on Sumba Island. The Magical Feelings Are So Feeling
21 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 410
Ratenggaro Traditional Village, the Most Beautiful Village on Sumba Island. The Magical Feelings Are So Feeling Hipwee Travel will provide special coverage of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. We named it Travel Exploration Reportage. Every month we will explore a destination that is often a traveler's dream. Not just the destination, we will also discuss the perspectives and other stories about the destination that have not been previously narrated.

For this month's destination, our choice fell to Sumba, a tourist attraction that is often called paradise left in the world. There are 5 articles in the Sumba Tourist Exploration Reportage that will be published every day. Consider the third article that addresses the uniqueness of Ratenggaro Traditional Village in Southwest Sumba. Come see!

Sumba is known for its culture which is still preserved. In addition to natural attractions such as beaches, lakes, waterfalls and dazzling savannah hills, never forget the traditional villages in Sumba. There are many traditional villages that you can find there. One of them is the Traditional Village of Ratenggaro, the most popular village in Tanah Humba.

Hipwee Travel will invite you to take a trip to Ratenggaro Traditional Village, which is about 40 km from Tambolaka. This traditional village is a jujugan traveler because of two things, the roof is much higher than other traditional villages, and the location is on the beach. It's really exciting? Right? Let's follow the story when we visit there.

Being in the south end of Southwest Sumba Regency, this traditional village is on a beautiful coast. A very interesting traditional village

Ratenggaro traditional village is located in Umbu Ngedo Village, Kodi Bangedo Subdistrict, Southwest Sumba Regency. From Tambolaka, you have to drive approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on the speed you take. There is no public transport to the location of this village because the location is quite remote. So there are only 2 possibilities to go there, take a trip or rent a car / motorbike. Motorbike rental is not recommended because the location is quite far from the city. The paved road is quite smooth, just a little less good road near the traditional village.

When you enter the Ratenggaro traditional village, do not be surprised if you will see some megalithic stone graves in the village.

The history of this traditional village is very long, which began in the megalithic era thousands of years ago. From various references, the history of this place must be traced from its name. Rate means the grave and Garo are the initial inhabitants who occupy this place. During the war between tribes, this village was captured from the Garo tribe and the victims who lost the war were buried in stone graves. Bury the stone itself in a square shape like a table. You can see in the picture above, there's a pile of stones right behind it? Yes, that is the stone grave. Serem is also a lot of graves in traditional villages. In total there are 304 stone graves here. The size and sculpture on each stone grave further add to the magical impression of this place.

There are many things you can do in Ratenggaro. Besides taking photos and riding horses, try to rent Sumba traditional clothes. View this post on Instagram

Wandering to Sumba Sumba is a wild, challenging and amazing paradise. Beautiful destinations are present on the corners of the island which are not easy to touch. No wonder no one wants to come to Sumba. But for anyone in his chest there is a small piece of adventure soul and beautiful wild connoisseurs, sooner or later you will soon be here. Because Sumba will call you pedestrians! #exploresumba #pulausumba #sumbaisland #ratenggaro #waikabubak #tambolaka #livefolkindonesia #kadaadat #sumba #adobelightroom

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There are several activities that you can do in this one traditional village. First, you can ride a horse by renting for 50 thousand rupiah. Not bad can make photos there. Second, you can play on the beach which is located not far from this village. Third, you can wear traditional Sumba clothes. You can rent from fabric sellers that are there. But you have to ask what the rental price is from the beginning. Sumba people often do not want to be honest talking at the beginning, and ask for expensive at the end. Don't let this happen to you. Ask the price, if it's not clear, don't need to. Our experience, they immediately put on traditional clothes but at the end asked for prices that did not make sense, around 150 thousand per person. Even though it's only a 15 minute photo. Be careful.

You better try to enter the traditional house called Uma Kelada, which has a roof of 15 meters. Inside it turns out there is a cooking place in the middle

If you come there, don't be too busy taking pictures outside. Try to enter the Uma Kelada which is very typical of Sumba. The building structure is dominated by bamboo and teak wood. In the middle there is a place for cooking and burning. Usually for grilling meat or rice. At the top there is also a place to store rice and food. Not to forget there are buffalo head bones and horns that are displayed inside the house. This house can apparently be occupied by dozens of families when there is an event. When it's normal, only a handful of people are there.

What do you think? Exciting, is this a holiday to the Ratenggaro traditional village? Yep, so many travelers and celebrities come and take photos there. Hopefully later you can also visit there soon. Oh yeah, the entry is actually free, just ask for donations. Just love 20 thousand or 50 thousand if you visit there. Come on to Sumba!

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