Rarely show off, these 5 celebrities have a background in extraordinary education. Don t Envy, Yes ...
28 September 2018 IlhamFar Success 267
Rarely show off, these 5 celebrities have a background in extraordinary education. Don t Envy, Yes ...

Having education, intelligence, and high achievement is the dream of every child today. Therefore, not only with education in the country, many also continue their education abroad to get better quality education. Things like this are also done by Indonesian artists, guys.

Indonesian artists are not only talented in the entertainment world like acting, music, modeling, etc., but also clever in making gossip. Beyond the knowledge of most people who only see their idol artists through a glass screen or listen through their songs, it turns out that rarely do they know they are smart, guys. Well, here is a list of which Indonesian artists achieve high education in addition to careers in their brilliant entertainment world.

1. Maudy Ayunda, beautiful, smart and not a lot of behavior makes her focus on the world of education and career career

In the first list there is Maudy Ayunda, the singer of the song "Paper Boat" with an Oxford University alma mater, guys. The 23-year-old young girl completed her studies at Oxford University in 2016, taking the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics study program. The latest news, Maudy was appointed ambassador or ambassador by the Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, in order to fight modern slavery among young people.

2. Who doesn't know Dian Sastrowardoyo? The mother of two children is not only motherly, but also highly prioritizes education

Gifted, beautiful, also charismatic are some of the advantages to describing this one woman. Dian Sastrowardoyo, an Indonesian artist who is famous for her role as Cinta in the film AADC (Ada Apa dengan Cinta) and AADC 2 which collided with Nicholas Saputra in it, turned out to be educated to master's level. Take undergraduate studies in the Philosophy Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Indonesia.

Dian then went on to graduate at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, not only that Dian also won a cumlaude degree from the S2 level that. Other achievements, since 2010 Dian has become the main face of the L Oreal Paris trademark for Indonesia and in 2016, guys. He was later appointed as L Oreal global ambassador with Doutzen Kroes, Liya Kebede, and Karlie Kloss.

3. Not just singing, getting the highest education is something that Vidi Aldiano also loves

Songwriter "Fake Status "This one, aside from being clever at making girls and boys hot and cold because of their golden voice and handsome face, they were also able to prove themselves outstanding in the world of education. Completed his undergraduate education in the Management Study Program, Pelita Harapan University. Vidi continued his education at the University of Manchester, England taking the Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Study Program. Unmitigated M.Sc. what he achieved was getting cumlaude, guys.

4. The sweet Gita Gutawa, attending school, becoming a volunteer and spreading lots of good things are the main things in her life

Child of the composer well-known Indonesian, Erwin Gutawa, was famous in his career as a singer with the song "No Game" also through acting in a film with Derby Romero in "Love In Perth". Having stopped in the entertainment world for four years Gita apparently continued her education abroad. Completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham, England, Gita then obtained a master's scholarship at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), England. Gita successfully completed her master's degree at LSE in just a year, guys.

5. Who would have thought Christian Sugiono had a high level of intelligence. What are the achievements?

The handsome and charismatic actor who has become the husband of Titi Kamal is also considered to have achievements and intelligence above average. Completed his studies at the Technische Universit t Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany by taking an Information Technology course.

Men with Indo blood The German channel his love in the IT world by becoming a Key Opinion Leader in a number of world technology brands such as Microsoft and Samsung and building his own online media business. Currently Christian has the status as an Ambassador of Free Knowledge given by the Ministry of Communication and Information.

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