Pregnant wife, how come the husband craves This is not a myth, there is a medical explanation
12 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Young Mom 526
Pregnant wife, how come the husband craves This is not a myth, there is a medical explanation Have you ever heard about the cravings of husbands, even though those who were pregnant with their wives? This phenomenon is not a myth, but it's real. If you imagine with logic it seems impossible. How can a husband behave like a pregnant woman? Starting from nausea, dizziness, lack of appetite, sensitivity and irritability, even to cravings.

Actually what happened to the husband who participated in \"pregnant\"? Do not think strange things, this phenomenon has an explanation.

The condition experienced by this prospective father is not a mental disorder, but couvade syndrome or sympathetic pregnancy

Couvade syndrome is a condition in which prospective fathers experience pregnancy symptoms, such as weight gain, nausea, insomnia, mood changes, and even want certain types of foods out of the ordinary, aka cravings. In severe cases, a prospective father can even experience abdominal pain like a woman who will give birth. This condition is common and only temporary, usually disappears after the baby is born.

The symptoms can be physical symptoms and psychological symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of pregnant women

Physical symptoms of couvade syndrome are characterized by headaches, heartburn, stomach aches, difficulty breathing, desire to eat certain foods, cramps in the legs, toothache, frequent urination and pain in the lower back and abdomen. While the psychological symptoms - which are actually more difficult to deal with compared to physical symptoms, usually the husband will experience times of difficulty sleeping soundly, anxiety, panic, sadness and various disorders that make the mind not calm. These symptoms can vary from one man to another.

Usually this condition occurs when the wife enters the first and third trimester of pregnancy

When entering the first trimester, the husband feels more stressed with various conditions of the wife's body and mental changes. In the second trimester, pregnant women can feel a comfortable time and rarely complain about various pregnancy problems. While at the time of entering the third trimester, the husband feels more panicked to face the wife's birth process. Therefore, the feeling of participating in \pregnancy\ like this is very likely to occur.

The cause of couvade syndrome is due to psychological problems such as excessive stress and anxiety

Prospective fathers are sometimes very emotional when facing his wife's pregnancy. This causes anxiety and big questions in his mind, such as whether he can meet the family's financial needs, how to guarantee his baby's health, or whether he can be a good father for his children. If you are anxious about it, stress finally arises which can reduce testosterone levels and make estrogen levels become unbalanced. This fluctuating hormone triggers pregnancy symptoms as well as pregnant women.

The stronger the inner bond between the husband and his wife, the more experienced symptoms

This syndrome can also arise due to a great sense of empathy for the condition of the wife who is pregnant with various complaints. This feeling can occur because of a problematic pregnancy disorder or the wife's condition is not comfortable when pregnant. This feeling will usually not be felt in front of the wife because of more emphasis on psychological conditions. So there are many cases of husband cravings that don't happen at home. Uniquely, it's not just a husband who can experience this syndrome, family or close friends of pregnant women can also you. It depends on how big the empathy is.

When your husband experiences feeling pressure and goes to cravings, you can work together to overcome it together!

Try creating a chat about pregnancy, saying that even though there are difficult times, getting pregnant is also fun. That way, the husband will not be too depressed or anxious about the condition of the wife. Invite your husband to go through the joint process such as checking for a pregnancy, together facing a difficult time while pregnant, also involved in preparing to welcome the birth of the baby. Getting support from family and people around when preparing to face the birth process can also make the husband not too depressed and traumatized.

Although couvade syndrome is a quite unique condition, you don't need to worry if your husband experiences it. This will be a normal stage and all couples can go through good times. Awaiting your beloved birth, yes!

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