Practical Guide to Make a Visa to Japan. Let Holiday to Sakura Country Not Just a Sheer Laughter
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Practical Guide to Make a Visa to Japan. Let Holiday to Sakura Country Not Just a Sheer Laughter

Do you have plans to travel to Japan? Do you have a bucket list to eat takoyaki in Osaka? Or photograph with the gundam robot in Odaiba, Tokyo? Or visit the gilded temple in Kyoto? Or a celebrity photo in Hitachi Park? If so, you must read this article. So that you can immediately realize your dream of flying to the land of Sakura.

Hipwee Travel this time wants to discuss how to make a Japanese visa. There are 2 types of visas that are commonly used by Indonesian travelers who will travel to Japan, namely temporary visit visas for tourist purposes and visa waiver for visa entry into Japan for holders of Indonesian e-passports. We discuss one by one. Come see the review!

Surely you must apply for a tourist visa to the Japanese Embassy if you want to travel to Japan

If you have an ordinary passport, you must apply for a tourist visa to the Japanese Embassy if you want to travel to Japan. You need to know that a visa is not a guarantee that you can definitely enter Japan. A visa is only a recommendation for being able to enter Japan, but what determines you can enter or not go to Japan, but the Japanese immigration officer.

Travel visa to Japan is valid for 3 months with a duration of stay in Japan for 14 days.

If you successfully get a tourist visa to travel to Japan, you have permission to take a trip in Japan for 14 days, but the validity period of your visa is 3 months. So if you get a Japanese visa in February, you can use your Japanese visa until April. If you use a Japanese visa to travel in Japan from March 1, then you have to leave Japan on March 14.

This is the conditions for applying for a tourist visa to Japan. You have to be complete so you can get away.

As an Indonesian passport holder, you really have to apply for a visa to your dream countries. But, for the experience of traveling that can't be bought with money, there's no harm in applying for a visa. As long as we fulfill all the requirements, we will definitely get away. These are the conditions for a tourist visa to Japan for an Indonesian citizen:

An original passport with a validity period of at least 8 months. So if you will apply for a Japanese visa in January 2019, the maximum validity period for your passport is in August 2019.

Visa application form that you can download on the official website of the Japanese Embassy.

Color photographs measuring 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm taken last 6 months, without background, not editing, must be clear and not blurry.

Photocopy of KTP and birth certificate.

Photocopy of student or study certificate if you are still a student.

Print out PP plane tickets to prove entry and exit dates for Japan.

Your travel schedule while in Japan. The format can be downloaded from the official website of the Japanese Embassy.

If you go with your family, you need to include a copy of the KK to prove that you are really traveling with your family.

Documents relating to travel costs. If from my personal experience, besides including a travel itinerary, I also made an estimated budget while traveling in Japan. I make it per day, per requirement such as: hotel / hostel / airbnb, meals, transportation, tourist attractions, and shopping. I will include a copy of a savings book that is more than my estimated budget during traveling in Japan. For example, the estimated budget for traveling in Japan for 7 days is 10 million rupiahs, I show you the hill that my deposit is up to 13 million rupiah.

The statement will return to Indonesia with a stamp. Although this letter is not a requirement requested by the Japanese embassy, this letter helps strengthen us to get a Japanese visa. The point is that we will definitely go back to Indonesia.

If you are already working, it's good to make a certificate of work from the company where you work. This is to confirm that you will definitely leave Japan.

Arrange Japanese visa requirements neatly and in order. You can take it yourself to the Embassy Office or use a travel agent for those who live outside the city.

All of these requirements must be arranged neatly and in order, then you enter the folder. You can bring your own Japanese visa requirements to the Japanese Embassy Office or the Japanese Consulate Office. The cost of making a Japanese visa is Rp.360,000 and is paid after the visa is finished. If you don't, you don't have to pay.

I myself chose to use a travel agent service because I live in a different city with the location of the Japanese Embassy Office or the Japanese Consulate Office. The cost is of course more expensive if I use travel agent services. I have to pay the visa fee first, then the visa is taken care of. If my Japanese visa application is rejected, my money is forfeited.

You can be free of Japanese visa if you have an e-passport. This is a visa waiver registration method at the Japanese Consulate Office.

There is a way to get a visa free for Indonesian passport holders. The condition is that your passport must be e-passport. The cost of making e-passports is twice as high as the cost of making an ordinary passport. But you don't need to pay visa fees, because the administration fee for making a visa waiver at the Japanese Consulate Office is free.

You simply fill out a form that can be downloaded from the official Japanese embassy website for Indonesia. Submit e-passports and forms to the Japanese Embassy Office or Japanese Consulate Office. The duration of making a visa waiver is 2 working days and the administration fee is free. If I'm alone, since I live outside the city, I choose to use travel agent services to help register e-waiver at the Japanese Embassy. It works.

With a visa waiver from the Japanese Embassy, you are free to go back and forth between Japan within 3 years. No need to bother managing your visa back and forth.

If you can successfully get a Japanese visa, you can travel to Japan for a maximum of 15 days for one visit. Visa waiver itself is valid for 3 years or until the validity period of the passport expires. As long as the visa waiver is still valid, you are free to go back and forth between Japan as you please. If from my experience, how to get a Japanese visa and easy Japanese visa waiver registration. The important thing is we complete all the requirements completely.

If you have a plan to Japan, keep this article for guidance on how to make a Japanese visa. Hopefully you will soon feel the thrill of traveling in Japan. Amen.

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