Portrait of the Stewardess Training Site in the World s Best Airline. Let s take a look at the SIA Training Center in Singapore
27 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 344
Portrait of the Stewardess Training Site in the World s Best Airline. Let s take a look at the SIA Training Center in Singapore Being a flight attendant might be the choice of many people. This work does look stylish in an era like now. There are several benefits that can be obtained by being a flight attendant, starting from high salaries, traveling around the world for free, and also the social status that goes up when working as a flight attendant.

However, being a flight attendant is not easy. Especially in the world's best airlines such as Singapore Airlines. Need hard training and a long struggle to become a cabin crew with the best service orientation. Besides the selection is very tight, the training program is no less severe.

On November 14-16, Singapore Airlines invited Hipwee Travel and various media in Indonesia to directly see the five-star airline stewardess Training Center. We were guided by Assistant Manager Cabin Crew Learning & Cabin Development Division Crew Training, Foo Juat Fang. Let's look at the reviews.

Not far from Changi Airport, the Singapore Airlines Training Center is a place to prepare flight attendants before flying to all corners of the world

In our shadow, the Training Center is a training place that is usually dominated by classrooms and is guided by experienced trainers. The assumption was a little missed because there were not many classrooms found at the SIA Training Center, Singapore Airlines cabin crew training center. The building complex located in 720 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore is more like a real airplane.

There are many mock-ups of SQ aircraft cabin starting from economy class, economy premium, business to First Class. This mock up or model is very similar to the original, both visually and in size. As if there are some aircraft that are 'parked' in this building. This is where cabin crew learn to be ready to be flown to all corners of the world. They learn to serve passengers, provide safety guidelines, to prepare food for several months. It's not easy to become a flight attendant on a five star airline like Singapore Airlines.

Not only mock up the aircraft cabin, there is also an emergency landing simulation in the water. Flight attendant candidates must practice evacuating passengers and actually practicing in water

One of the rooms that was quite surprising was a large hall with planes parked there. No, it's also not a real airplane but it is a mock up for an emergency landing in water complete with an air-filled gliding spot. This room is an emergency rescue room. SQ flight attendants must learn to evacuate passengers during an emergency landing both on land and in water.

In the opposite room, there is a large indoor pool. There, flight attendants learn to save themselves when an airplane crashes in water. They must be able to roll up their uniforms to be more flexible to swim and save themselves in the ocean. We were really surprised to see the sight of the soaking wet stewardess practicing in this room. Apparently not enough beautiful and smart capital. The training was so hard too!

One of the flight attendants from Indonesia, Rina, told me about his ten years of work on Singapore Airlines

Rany Razia, an Indonesian flight attendant told me about her experience as a Singapore Airlines cabin crew for 10 years. He is one of about 500 flight attendants from Indonesia, where a total of 8000 Singapore Airlines flight attendants. Not only training and heavy training, being a flight attendant must also be prepared for the problems that occur in the sky. Turbulence or airplane shocks and complaints from passengers must also be dealt with on the plane.

Is it already imagined? Isn't it exciting to practice being a flight attendant? If you are interested, prepare yourself to be a flight attendant on Singapore Airlines!

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