Piece of Story Lives in Russian Land. Even though it s heavy, but this is where my self is forged
12 September 2018 Rachelrachela Motivation 219
Piece of Story Lives in Russian Land. Even though it s heavy, but this is where my self is forged

October 26, 2016 - is one of the historical days of my life. I was 17 at the time, had just graduated from high school, and the first time I set foot in this country, Russia. Long story short, I got a scholarship from the Russian government.

The first time I set foot at the Domodedovo airport, the cold air immediately made my body goose bumps. I remember at that time the temperature reached - 3 degrees Celsius, of course my body from a temperature of 28 degrees was shocked. But really this cold air is not the only problem I will face here. I was picked up by one of the student representatives at RUDN, so I didn have to suffer because I didn understand Russian at all. Honestly, I came without any Russian language.

Short story short, I arrived on my first campus. The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. Old but beautiful campus building. This campus is known as the best institute in Moscow. Every foreign student who will study in Russia must take a language preparation class for one year. It was at this institute that I learned Russian. Famous for good accreditation, all teaching and learning programs in this institute are very effective and interesting. Learning Russian is a fun thing every day.

Learning in the city of Moscow is one of my dreams that came true. Not wasting the opportunity, during the period of my language lectures for a year, I took the time to explore this beautiful city. Starting from the place that became Russias biggest icon, Red Square, whose beauty and grandeur hypnotized every visitor. Red Square itself is a complex of 4 iconic buildings in Russia. Church of St. Basil, Russian History Museum, Kremlin and the oldest shopping center in Russia.

After enjoying the beauty of the building, I went to one of the largest churches in Russia, Khram Khrista Spasitelya by using underground transportation (metro). The brilliant white church building that amazed me. The European-style exterior design is different from its interior design which is an old roman style. Upon entering his church, I was very impressed with the atmosphere inside. Magnificent and beautiful is not enough to describe the interior of this church. From the floor to the ceiling it captivated anyone who came. In addition to historic buildings, the city of Moscow is also filled with beautiful city parks. The parks that I have visited include, among others, Gorky Park, Alexanders Garden, Tsaritsino Park, Park columnenskaya and other parks. The biggest park Ive ever visited is Tsaritsino Park which is the former residence of Queen Ekaterina II. The residence is now being restored by the Russian government as a historical tourist spot. These locations are tourist attractions that are always crowded with local and foreign tourists. As for other places, such as the space museum, ballet theater, and souvenir shopping center.

The day seemed to pass quickly, arriving when it was facing the graduation of the language class my. With all the obstacles I faced, I went through with great effort. As many people say, results will never betray business. In the end I was able to graduate from the Russian language preparation class, even though I knew this was not the end of everything, but the beginning of my real life in Moscow. After graduation, when I arrived I had to pack moving to a new university. Peoples friendship university of Russia. There I will study 4 years in the department of advertising and public relations. In the initial transfer and registration process, here all prospective students are required to be independent, but the campus is always ready to help if there are obstacles we face. The administration process takes about a week. Right on August 16, I was officially a student of the Peoples friendship university of Russia. The summer holiday was over, the time came for me to start the first class on the actual lecture bench.

On the one hand I was so eager to start, but on the other I doubt whether I can follow all the lessons brought in Russian fully. I think studying at Peoples friendship university of Russia is more exciting. There we can meet with all students from countries that I have never heard of. In addition, my campus was also designated as the greenest campus in Moscow. The atmosphere of my campus is very supportive for learning.

In the middle of it all, I always remind myself that I came here to study, whatever the challenge, Im sure I definitely can face it. I am sure, all this will shape my personality to be more resilient and ready to work under pressure. Russia is not a country as others say, people who are cold and individual. Russia is a country that has strong, assertive, intelligent people and is always ready to help those in need. Studying here is the most valuable opportunity of my life. I hope I can graduate and return to Indonesia to apply all the good things that Russia teaches in my life.

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