Photo of Comparative Satellite Imagery of Palu City Before and After the Earthquake. Very Drastic Change
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Photo of Comparative Satellite Imagery of Palu City Before and After the Earthquake. Very Drastic Change The earthquake and tsunami in Donggala still seized the attention of the Indonesian public and the world. The 7.4-magnitude earthquake that produced a 3-5-meter high tsunami has devastated Palu City and Donggala. Victims died while reaching 1,234 people and tens of thousands of others had to evacuate. Slowly aid has begun to come and the evacuation of victims can already be done by the authorities, volunteers and the community itself. Heavy equipment and logistics are expected to accelerate the earthquake and tsunami emergency response process in Palu.

Portrait of satellite imagery shows that there has been a very severe damage to Palu City after the earthquake and tsunami last weekend. The QUARTZ news site displays a comparison of the satellite imagery of Palu City before and after the earthquake centered not far from Donggala on September 28, 2018. Well, for those of you who are curious to see the impact of the disaster, Hipwee has summarized it for you. Let's see.

This photo shows a picture of Palu Bay before and after the tsunami that hit the area. In the photo below, the coastline shifts deeper and deeper after the tsunami. The sediment of river water mixed with mud flooded the sea by the sea sbjdl '> After the earthquake and tsunami, Palu Bay was brown because it mixed with mud sediments carried by the tsunami. The coastline looks a little forward towards urban

The Petobo village suffered the most damage due to experiencing liquefaction in which the houses of the population were drowned in mud. This is a portrait on the 17th of August when the conditions are still fine.

You can compare the photos before and after the earthquake. The village of Petobo seemed to be lost to the earth after experiencing a liquefaction phenomenon where the soil turned into liquid and shaped mud. Ruins of buildings and victims were buried in the ground. This photo is really horrifying!

The yellow bridge 'Ponulele' in Palu was inaugurated by President SBY in 2006. The bridge that became the tourist icon of Palu City turned out to be only 12 years old

The terrible tsunami that hit Palu did not escape destroying this yellow bridge. Now he has collapsed and his surroundings were swept away by a terrible tsunami. The river looks brown because it mixes with mud

Portrait of satellite imagery on August 17, 2018 from the coast of Palu. It was seen a Mall on the left that became the location for amateur video capture when the tsunami arrived. When the first tsunami occurs, a beachfront house or kiosk is hit by waves. Then the second time the tsunami entered hundreds of meters into the city

After the tsunami, it appeared that the building on the beach had disappeared entirely. Several buildings collapsed swept away by the tsunami. The mosque behind the Mall looks like the dome collapsed as seen in the amateur tsunami video of Palu

The earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi certainly became our grief together. Hopefully the evacuation process will run smoothly and the victims' families will be given fortitude for this disaster. They certainly can get up and rebuild the beloved city of Palu!

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