Overnight Sensation Staying in the Inner Baduy. Harmony With Nature Without Electricity, Cellphone, and Toilet
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Overnight Sensation Staying in the Inner Baduy. Harmony With Nature Without Electricity, Cellphone, and Toilet Hipwee Travel will provide special coverage of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. We named it Travel Exploration Reportage. Every month we will explore a destination that is often a traveler's dream. Not just the destination, we will also discuss the perspectives and other stories about the destination that have not been previously narrated.

For this month's destination, our choice falls to Baduy, traditional villages as well as hidden tourist spots in the remote areas of Banten. There are 5 articles in the Baduy Travel Exploration Reportage that will be published every day. Check out the first article that will tell about the experience of staying at Baduy where there was no electricity and no technology. Come see!

Baduy is a tribe at the foot of Kendeng Mountain, Banten. The term Baduy itself is the mention of outsiders from the origin of the word badawi which means nomadic, aka moving around. Geographically, the Baduy is in Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar District, Banten Lebak Regency. They themselves call the Baduy people the term urang Kanekes. The Baduy tribe consists of two communities namely the Inner Baduy and the Outer Baduy. The Inner Baduy still maintains the purity of the "Noble Commission" that is passed down by their ancestors.

Hipwee Travel visits the Inner Baduy and stays there overnight at the end of last week. Want to know the thrill of our adventure through this isolated village from the outside world? Let's see our trip in this first article. Guaranteed to make you want to try to leave there.

From Jakarta, the trip to Baduy starts from Tanah Abang Station. We boarded the KRL Tanah Abang-Rangkasbitung relation which then continued to Cijahe by driving a local elf

Although the location is not far from Jakarta, it turns out the trip to Baduy is not easy at all. You have to take the KRL for approximately 2 hours to get to Rangkasbitung. Arriving in the capital of Lebak Regency, you must take a public vehicle in the form of a local elf to go to Baduy. There are two paths that you can pass, namely Ciboleger and Cijahe. The difference is, Ciboleger is more tourist friendly, complete facilities and the atmosphere is crowded. But the trip to the Baduy takes 4-5 hours of trekking. The legs will be bad or not. It's been a long time ing right, I just climbed up Prau not until 4 hours had reached the top. Hehehe.

Meanwhile, the Cijahe route is indeed quite damaged and has a hole. It takes extra struggle to reach Cijahe, the last non-Baduy village before entering the Baduy. The scenery is also not the Outer Baduy villages but only the hills and fields of the Baduy people. But the plus is that you have enough trekking for less than an hour. Compare this to Ciboleger which must run 4-5 hours. Hehehe. As a millennial generation who is lazy to go a long way, it is clear that me and my friends choose Cijahe. If the damaged line is the business of the elf driver who is driving. Hehehe.

In the afternoon we arrived at the Inner Baduy. Start living without electricity, without cell phones, and without a toilet for a day and a night

At 16:30 I already crossed the bamboo bridge as the entrance to the village of Cikeusik, Inner Baduy. Oh yes, there are 3 villages in the Inner Baduy, namely Cikeusik, Cibeo and Cikertawana. We chose Cikeusik which is closest to Cijahe. The track isn't too heavy either. This village is at the foot of the hill with a flowing river as if to be its protector. It's really fast for the river water!

The Inner Baduy House is made of woven bamboo. Stage-shaped with only 2 spaces inside. The first box-shaped room is used for the host to cook and sleep. Meanwhile there is a fairly large room outside the box room, where guests usually sleep in a row there. Because it is made of woven bamboo, it's no wonder that the cold is so piercing when you sleep there.

The most basic abstinence in the Inner Baduy is the use of technology. Electricity, mobile phones and cameras are prohibited in this region. Even extremes of assistive devices such as nails and saws should not be used here. Baduy residents keep the "Ancestral Commission" for generations. So, tonight we can only talk to the host in a dimly lit atmosphere. The cellphone cannot be used, because it is not allowed and there is no signal. Luckily, our host was so friendly and told many things about Baduy.

The contents of our chat will discuss the religion and political views of the Baduy Tribe. Wait in the next article.

Night starts to dissolve, everyone starts to sleep. Unfortunately, the atmosphere of the night at the Inner Baduy house is enough to make it difficult to sleep

The night chat is finished. Meal is complete. Salted vegetables and salted fish so special dishes that taste so natural and delicious. Friends then sleep in a row in the front of the guest room. While I chose the corner of the room and was rather alone. But it feels like this eye is difficult to close. Besides because it was still not very late around 22.00 WIB, the village atmosphere was very quiet. Only the sound of frogs and crickets accompany. A slight flame lit up the room. The atmosphere is a bit drab when the eyes are hard to close.

An hour, two hours, and time continues to feel so long. Friends are still sleeping soundly. The atmosphere of the night was increasingly cold and quiet. Moreover, strange noises emerge from outside the house. Tonight feels like camping in the middle of a forest. Fun if you are alone. Hehe. Finally, the eye can also be compromised when the day starts to change. Midnight, I can sleep well. Luckily, I didn't get a pee at midnight. Males really have to go to the dark and dark river.

The next morning, we take a shower in the river and get ready to go home. Last night in Baduy it seemed to return to nature

The morning is the right time to take a shower. For those of you who come to Baduy, don't be surprised if all MCK needs to be done in the river. Even so, you shouldn't use toothpaste and soap, let alone shampoo. Do not worry, there are special spots for girls and guys who are separated. So don't listen to people showering. Hehehe.

We returned to Cijahe after breakfast together. Oh yeah, because it is not permissible to take photos, so we did not photograph any of the images in the Inner Baduy. All photos taken on the Outer Baduy. Let's appreciate Baduy culture and refrain from taking pictures or selfies on the Inner Baduy.

How, exciting liburan vacation to Baduy. Stayed one night there without technology, both cellphones and electricity also made life peaceful and peaceful. Not taking care of social media and the work for the time being is happy. Follow the next Baduy coverage at Hipwee Travel huh!

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