Open Letter to Dear Father, That He May Never Read
12 September 2018 mochazmir Relationship 572
Open Letter to Dear Father, That He May Never Read Sir, I never left anyone. Not yourself, or mother. Sir, can I ask for a little time? Just want to accompany you lean. Sir, don't you miss me? Or are never misses on my younger siblings? Sir, I never really ran or left. I'm just hiding, hoping someone will find me. No, no. Wish you and the mother who picked me up.

Sir, I can't change your position yet. I still can't see my siblings, who every time crying is always looking and then tightly hugs me. Sir, shouldn't that be you? Sir, I never hate anyone. I just hate all this. I'm not too strong. My arm isn't too strong to guard them. My body is not too sturdy to be the roof they shelter. My shoulders aren't too comfortable to be where they turn away.

Sir, I have never in the least not liked you because you might never like me.

Or when you boast of others more than me, your child. Sir, maybe we rarely even a week almost don't meet. Maybe if we meet, we only greet and chat as much as one or two words. Maybe we don't talk much together or spend time together. But for me, we better stay together even if we just keep quiet, rather than we separate without a word. Sir, I miss. Wipe your hot forehead when you fall asleep when you\re not healthy. Not pray for you to be sick. I also miss, your short answers whenever I admonish you. I miss, your way of treating me, paying attention to me by not showing it in front of me. Sir, I wish I would arrive today. I never made you hurt with all my ignorance and mischievous behavior.

Sir, have I grown up according to your plan? Am I proud of you? Are there a few things that make you proud of me?

Sir, can I borrow your shoulder? Briefly. I want to lean from the hardness of the world without you. Can I borrow your time? I promise, it won't be long. Just want to meet and hug you. Sir, maybe I never knew what you felt. But I'm also a grown man, just like you. I can feel and understand, what kind of person you are now. Sir,

I want to go back to being your little child that you talk to all the time. What you invite to play on your day off.

Sir, I'm sorry I'm always busy with my world. Sir, can I be you? Become like you? Sir, I'm sorry, I often disappoint you. I don't know what I'm guessing right now. Sorry I wrote this message. I just miss. That is all. if that doesn't work, it's fine. At least, I hope that by reading this article you can understand. That your child is still alive and growing. Sir, calm down. After all that happened, I still made you my superhero. Because with all your silence, teach me. That I have to keep going.

Thank you sir for everything.

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