Note, Register for 2 19 National Holidays. Let It Be Able to Arrange Holidays and Take Leave from Now
07 November 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 177
Note, Register for 2 19 National Holidays. Let It Be Able to Arrange Holidays and Take Leave from Now 2018 has entered the final round. Just counting the days in 2019 will come. For those of you who haven't had the chance to vacation in 2018, you really regret it. The problem is that this year there are so many leave together and also a long weekend that is really a shame if you don't use it. Moreover, there are many festivals that are disappointed this year. If you are too busy and seldom vacation this year, then you have to regret it. Hehehe.

But you don't have to mourn this sad reality too much. You have to get up to look at the holiday schedule in 2019. For those of you who want to find a vacation schedule and long weekend in 2019, Hipwee Travel will provide it for you all. Including ways to outsmart leave that you can take later. Okay, see!

January-March, there aren't many holidays and leave together. But it's still the rainy season too

Tuesday, January 1: New Year 2019. You can take leave on Monday, December 31. So you have a 4 day holiday starting from Saturday, December 29, 2018 to Tuesday January 1, 2019 to commemorate the New Year 2019.

Tuesday, February 5: Chinese New Year. You can take leave on Monday, February 4. There are 4-day holidays that you can use for holidays abroad or East Indonesia from February 2 to 5, 2019.

Thursday, March 7: Nyepi Day. Get a 4-day long weekend with leave on Friday. Not bad enough to go on a picnic some distance away.

April to June is a happy holiday. When is the best time to go?

Wednesday, April 3: Prophet Muhammad's Ascension. Given that his holiday is in the middle of the week, you should not vacation on this date. Except for long holidays, more than a week. Not enough to reduce leave.

Friday, April 19: Death of Jesus Christ. There is a 3-day long weekend that you can use for a vacation. Because only 3 days it can't be far away. Navigate to Komodo or Sumba.

Sunday, April 21: Easter Day. Sunday cannot be used for leave.

Wednesday, May 1: Labor Day. Just a day in the middle of the week, it can't be used for holidays.

Sunday, May 19: Hari Raya Waisak. Why is it Sunday?

Thursday, May 30: Ascension of Jesus Christ. You can take leave on Friday and can get 4 days from Thursday to Sunday.

Saturday, June 1: Birthday of the Pancasila.

Wednesday, June 5: Eid al-Fitr. Holidays and leave together awaiting instructions from the government.

At the end of the year, there are not too many holidays available. In 2019 there is rarely a vacation

Monday, August 12: Eid al-Adha. Can take 3 days off from Saturday to Monday. No need to leave.

Saturday, August 17: Indonesian Independence Day. It's a bit unfortunate that it fell on Saturday. That is, in addition to not having a holiday, you also have to enter a flag ceremony on holidays. Great!

Sunday, September 1: Islamic New Year. It's hit again on Sunday

Sunday, November 10: Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. It's hit again on Sunday

Wednesday, December 25: Christmas. You can vacation from Christmas to New Year (8 days) with just 4 days off.

For those of you who want to have a holiday schedule for 2019, this is Hipwee Travel for you Save and share with your friends!

Are you ready for next year's vacation? Let's take advantage of holidays and leave together in 2019. Yes, although there are many holidays that are hit on Saturdays and Sundays. Sad.

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