Not Passing SBMPTN Do Not Disturb, 6 Choices Regarding This Future You Can Do
12 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 254
Not Passing SBMPTN Do Not Disturb, 6 Choices Regarding This Future You Can Do A few days ago was the day when the names of students who passed SBMPTN (State University Entrance Admission) were announced. If anyone escapes, there is also a failure. Indeed, entering PTN (State Universities) is the dream of many people. However, you need to understand that sometimes the effort you have done desperately is not always comparable to the results. Sad and disappointed because I did not pass the SBMPTN, that's a natural thing. But, your sadness should not be protracted and must be responded positively. One positive attitude that is recommended is to choose what steps to take.

Instead of being confused and confused, you want to start considering the actions that you will take when you don't pass the SBMPTN. Calm down, Hipwee has several other paths to your future!

1. It's okay to fail SBMPTN, you can still fight on the selection of the independent path of the university that you are pursuing

During this PTN registration season, it's not just SBMPTN that you have to rely on, there is still an independent path selection from each campus that you can follow. These independent selection paths do not all use written tests, there are also PTNs that use report cards and SBMPTN scores for independent selection. Indeed, the tuition fees will be more expensive than tuition fees if you enter the regular route, but if you want to pursue your dream of entering PTN, there is no harm in trying. So make sure you have registered, yes!

2. There is nothing wrong with you considering a diploma lecture, if you have graduated later you can continue to graduate

Besides trying to take the independent path selection in your target PTN, try to consider taking a diploma education. Even though the level is below the undergraduate level, that does not mean that the diploma is scary. The diploma even has more field experience than scholars. In addition to choosing a study program that you really are interested in, choose a study program that is equivalent to the bachelor's degree that you want to take later after graduating from the diploma. For example, if you later want to study in S1 Economics, then you can take D3 Accounting first.

3. Compromise your dreams of entering PTN by trying to study at a private university. Many private universities have better quality than PTN

Yes, entering PTN is indeed the dream of many people. Not only about the accreditation, but also the cost that is more friendly than the private sector. But if in fact you have not been given a way to enter PTN, will you give up like that? Compromise your dream to try to study at a private university. There are so many private universities that are quality and in accordance with all your potential, intelligence, interests and passion to join. While studying first rather than unemployed, if you still have an obsession to enter PTN, you can try again next year, right?

4. Participate in courses or tutoring tailored to your interests so that your skills are more honed

Don't be sad if you haven't been able to go to college this year, you can study and seek other experiences outside the formal education environment. There are many course institutions or study guidance that you can follow. Starting from foreign languages, statistics, computers, to other skills that you want to sharpen are also in accordance with your interests. Believe me, learning can be anywhere, it doesn't have to be in a formal institution. Check here, who knows if there is a match.

5. Or, if you prefer an environment that is more flexible, fun, and does not want to be time bound, community!

Eliminate the stigma that community is not just just gathering without purpose. As long as the activities are clear and positive, you can actually get a lot of insight and experience there. For example, if you like writing, join the writing community; if you like to draw, join the drawing community. People who join the community will certainly motivate each other. Your sadness for failure will be replaced by a new atmosphere that can be a place to channel hobbies and certainly encourage.

6. Why doesn't it take time to find a permanent or part-time job? Your bag will be filled instead of idle

There are a lot of jobs that require employees without the sarjana graduate degree . Although the type of work is not what you want, you can learn new things from there. People who have worked will have a different mindset. They will appreciate time, energy, and definitely money. Hopefully, after working later, you will be more independent. But remember, don't let you fall asleep with your main goal of college. If the registration season has returned, struggle for your dream to enter PTN targets.

Don't be discouraged, keep fighting. Success can be found anywhere, provided you persist in fighting for it. Hopefully the above tips can help forget your sadness, huh!

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