Not Only Love, 5 Simple Things Are Needed by Independent Girls from the Boy
23 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 319
Not Only Love, 5 Simple Things Are Needed by Independent Girls from the Boy An independent girl is indeed a figure that is coveted by many men, an ideal criterion as a life companion because of her ability to take care of many things deftly. Besides being reliable, the independent nature of a girl does seem to emit an aura of natural beauty in her.

Not even inferior, just as men should be proud if your woman is strong and independent. However, the toughness that he had did not diminish his instincts as a loving woman. Although stubborn and brave, he also wants to be treated well and romantically. Besides affection, independent girls also need some of these things from their boys, you know.

1. Although independent, but he still needs to be reminded when his attitude is wrong

Being a reminder when his attitude is off track is one of the things that an independent girl needs from her guy. Because sometimes, independence makes him forget to pay attention around. Independent girls also have selfishness and stubbornness, remembering that they can do their own responsibilities does not mean that they do not need other people. Therefore, he also needs a reminder for him.

2. Mandiri does not mean he does not need the support of his guy, it is precisely that which strengthens the girl

With the independence he has, it doesn't mean he never feels exhausted with everything he goes through, it doesn't mean he doesn't complain when doing it himself. If in time the independent girl feels tired with everything she goes through, maybe she complains but she will not show it openly, she still needs support and motivation from her guy. Because of the support and role of the boy who also keeps him looking strong.

3. And that does not mean not wanting to be given attention. No matter how independent he is, he also still needs attention, you know!

Even though doing this alone and looking strong, don't forget its instincts as women full of tenderness and love. The spoiled woman is sometimes annoying, but it is different if it is done by an independent girl, it is the chance for the boy to play his role as his protector. He also needs a place to complain and be heard.

4. Not with words, but with real action to respect their independence

You should be proud, if your girl is an independent person and almost never hassles you. Give him a little praise for his independence even you can do a little surprise by picking him up for college or in his office. Besides that, you can also spend your time before going to sleep to listen to the story all day by phone.

5. He wants his boy to also have independence and responsibility with his own affairs and firm in making decisions

Don't do things that tend to be possessive towards the independent girl, because she also won't give you limits. An independent girl is far from the word curb, because she wants to be trusted too. In essence, you can be invited to compromise and cooperate. Guys who are firm in making decisions can balance girls with independent personalities, even though they are independent but they also need to be led.

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