Not Only Loss, These 6 Things Are Actually Worried About Girls in Relationships
11 November 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 429
Not Only Loss, These 6 Things Are Actually Worried About Girls in Relationships As we already know, if a girl is a sensitive creature, her feelings and mood are easily changed. The morning can be too happy, cranky afternoon and even the night can be easily happy again. It's hard to guess the hearts of women. When you are under pressure, it is not uncommon for it to become too much of a burden on your mind and finally what you do can only be crying or incarnate.

No matter how beautiful a girl is, she still has concerns in carrying out her relationship. Even though he tried to be a partner to be proud of, there were things that made him save his own fears. 6 This is often the concern of girls in their relationships.

1. When the boyfriend's attitude starts to change, the girl starts to fear that her boyfriend is feeling bored

Girls often don't realize and don't introspect themselves when their boys start to change, instead of mirroring themselves, but often they blame the guy and accuse him of nothing because of the sudden change in his guy's attitude and not as warm as usual.

When the guy is bored that's what makes a girl start worrying about her own guessing attitude that she's not fun, even though maybe the guy is just needing me time and doesn't have to always be with him. Although often a lot of sulking, but actually the girl was afraid when his guy had started giving up

"What are you doing?"

"It's okay"

"It's okay"

"Yeah it's okay, it's already there, come home"

"Yes it's up to you, bro.

"How come you are up to me anyway?"

"Geez, I just asked you ..."

It is not an open secret that girls are easy to sulk and often test the patience of a guy, basically girls just want to be fought for and persuaded when they are cranky but that guy is indeed an ignorant creature and wants everything to be easy and simple, guys want everything to be said but not with girls.

That girl is too proud to talk first and wants a guy to know what she feels. Later it turns out the guy is already tired of himself and gives up, girls can be more angry and frightened by themselves, afraid that it turns out he isn't fighting for. The problem of taking parents' hearts is one of the things that girls worry about

However the smoothness of a relationship leads to the blessing of parents, there will be many obstacles in the relationship if the source of the problem comes from the blessing of the parents. Want to continue to be lived was useless if without the blessing of parents. That is what frightens girls secretly, fearing that their male family cannot accept him as he is. Girls also often think about how to take the parents' hearts. Even though it seems to be relaxed, it still has its own concerns about the parents' views of the guy towards him. 4. Especially when his girlfriend has a lot of girl acquaintances, his heart often worries himself. Afraid of having a rival

Guys who are good, fun, and especially good-looking are certainly surrounded by many other girls because of the friendliness and fun they have. Even though it's not wrong if a guy is like that, that's a sign that he has a lot of relationships.

But it is actually an unpleasant thing for girls, the potential for her to have more rivals. Girls must also often observe who their girlfriends are, whether as a comparison or just make sure that their friendship is nothing.

5. The former has already passed, but often this makes girls worry about the past

Although the ex has become a story of the past, but still an ex does not dismiss a girl's worry. At least there has been a story of love that exists between the boy and his ex.

Afraid that the guy still has a taste for his ex and the girl is also afraid that it turns out he isn't better than his ex. Anyway, the girl is the most sensitive if she has discussed the former. Don't call the former name if the guy doesn't want to light the fight. 6. Understandably, the girl is a long time-old guy, because appearance problems can also make you worry

Guys really have to understand when the girl takes a short time to groom. Remembering that is also what can be a mainstay to keep comfortable guys nearby. Although the original doesn't need to be beautiful and perfect, but at least girls know how to look in various situations.

Although maybe the love that a guy has is not only because of his physical appearance and appearance, he can't guarantee that his guy won't cheat. But maintaining the appearance is also an attempt by a girl to defend her boy. However appearance can be a vital thing for girls.

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