Not Just Beautiful, 6 Good Things You Can Sample from a Gitasav. Who is the one who is worried
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Not Just Beautiful, 6 Good Things You Can Sample from a Gitasav. Who is the one who is worried For young people, they must be familiar with this beautiful Palembang blood figure. Yep, he is Gita Savitri Devi or known as Gitasav. A Youtuber, writers, influencers and lots of positive activities that certainly inspire young people now.

If you don't believe it, here are some good things you can sample from these beautiful young hijabers!

1. Produce inspirational and insightful YouTube content. Wow, make today's generation smart!

Gita not only shared her daily activities on Youtube in the form of a Vlog which was given the title #VideonyaGita but she also created brilliant content in #Beropini. He sometimes commented on events that were being widely discussed, expressing his critical thoughts on issues that were warm without demeaning others.

In addition, Gita often with Paul (close friends) covers songs or creates new works through music.

Because of the varied and educational video content, he was chosen to be the only female Youtuber from Indonesia for the Youtube Creator for Change program which aims to combat hate speech, xenophobia, extremism and other social issues.

2. Gita is very concerned about social issues, it is appropriate that there are so many who like and love!

Gita has a high concern for humanitarian and educational issues. Recently Gita had the opportunity to volunteer for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Previously he also had the opportunity to volunteer at the Philippines. Well a few weeks ago, he just volunteered in Maluku. Wow, it's really noble heart, Sis Gita.

3. Almost all of Gita's opinions have voiced the voice of the millennial generation. Yes, he is smart and smart in public speaking!

Gita is currently a graduate student at Free University, Berlin with a non-performing department, Pure Chemistry. Rarely do people want to take this department, you know. Wow!

Previously, the undergraduate study program was in the same campus and department and finished at the end of 2017. His struggle to study in Germany was not easy. Now for a more complete story, just open it on the YouTube channel, yes!

4. His dress styles are also worthy of adaptation; polite and anti lebay!

After deciding to emigrate since 2015, Gita is great for wearing hijab in her daily life. He is also good at matching fashion styles. Therefore, many well-known brands use their services to promote products. Besides that, Gita is also good at makeup. This was evident during the recent engagement with Paul, he did not use Make Up Artist to apply makeup. However, the results are not inferior to MUA Professional.

5. Gita also successfully published her book, Range of Stories. He said, the content made goosebumps so good and inspired

Before becoming Youtuber, Gita often shared activities and complained through a blog that she named 'A Cup of Tea'. Well, from his writings on the blog he was seen by one of the publishers to record his experience. Finally, in March 2017, the book entitled The Story Range was published.

6. In addition, Gitasav did not close itself to open its own business. Success for Gita

Gita is currently also learning to explore the business world. Especially business in the field of fashion, especially hoods. Gita currently has its own veil brand.

Hayooo, who's here who is a Gitasav fan?

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