Not in Korea, This Beautiful, Beautiful River is in Bali. It s not as beautiful as this
25 September 2018 Septyan Bayu Anggara Travel 336
Not in Korea, This Beautiful, Beautiful River is in Bali. It s not as beautiful as this Some time ago, President Jokowi visited South Korea and praised the beautiful and clean Cheonggyecheon river. Jokowi wants the river in Jakarta, especially Ciliwung to be beautiful like Cheonggyecheon which is famous for its beauty. An effort that is quite heavy considering the condition of the Ciliwung River which is dirty and far from the beautiful word.

However, before we talk about the Ciliwung River, actually there are already rivers that are neatly arranged and instagramable in Bali. I was too focused on Java, forgetting that there was a river that resembled the Balinese version of Cheonggyecheon. Its name is Tukad Badung, a beautiful river similar to the Cheonggyecheon river in a version of Indonesian local wisdom. Want to know what kind of beauty it is, let's look at the Hipwee Travel review this time.

Not in Jakarta, a beautiful river like Korea already exists in Bali. Yep, the name of the river is Tukad Badung. This river is located in Taman Kumbasari, Jl Gadjah Mada, Denpasar.

There is a wide pedestrian area and colorful seats. Wow, this is really an instagram

Tukad Badung is at first glance similar to the Cheonggyecheon River which is very popular in Seoul, South Korea. The lights are sparkling at night

Noon is no less beautiful. There is a pedestrian path that is 2-3 meters wide, with green plants on the right and left. Wow, it's really fun hanging out this park,

When night is much more beautiful because the lights are colorful. There are also fountains that will make this park more attractive. Yes it's not much different from those in Korea

When in the afternoon, many residents relax in Tukad Badung. The beautiful atmosphere and the beautiful river make gatel want photos only. Not bad for stock photos on Instagram. Hehehe

Taman Kumbasari was developed into a river walk where visitors can walk on the banks of the river which is clean and neat. The inauguration of this park was carried out at the beginning of 2018

Vacation to Bali is not only to the beach. There is a Badung Tukad that provides alternative tourism in Bali. Hopefully in Jakarta and other cities have rivers as beautiful as this

Pak Jokowi, there is already a river that is not inferior to the river in Korea. Please appreciate and be used as an example for other cities, sir. Thank you.

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